I have been in a customer service field, and this PC WORKSHOP in San Pablo City, Laguna, is the worst of its kind. Just a printer I send for RMA (of course, within its warranty period). It came after 6 months and the replacement was a broken one! Within that 6 months, I, the consumer is the one keep calling them and asking for the printer. They do not have a systematic process for RMA. But they have a good process for selling! Then with the 2nd broken printer at hand, with new inks that we bought to test it, the printer is still at their "Supplier". They keep blaming the supplier for everything. Their boss would not say anything about this. Maybe all he cares is the income their getting, even not having a satisfied customer. Now, with new set of printer inks on that printer last May15, I bet the inks were all dried out without having our printer working! After the 1st repair, they would not even give me a new set of inks!!! they would not even shell out a small amount of money for a new ink, compare for all the hassles and waiting. They are just so lucky we are not in the US and we do not have an RMA law.

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