Pc Tools Usa - County Clare / $149 Fraudulent Charge W/O PIN

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My debit card was charged $149 today by a company called PC TOOLS. I have never even done business with this company.

This is the info from my Bank of America charge alert:

To: <My Name>
Account: Checking ending in ***
Transaction date: 09/03/2009*
Amount: $149.00

My recommendation is to STAY AWAY from this company. They are shady. I am filing a claim against this company and this charge as soon as it posts.

Pc Tools Usa - County Clare

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  • Cr
      Sep 05, 2009

    Sometimes the company offers a free trail. Even if you download it from say and then they can not find the free one and then give you a trail one without you knowing it.

    This is a Free switch. Gives you about a 30 day trail and they will take out the cost before the trail is over. Read the Terms before giving out anyone your bank information. Even if they say "Credit card will not be charged until the Trial is over." But they might put a hold for the price of the item. and then you think you have money in the account and then you get hit with NSF and overdraft fees.

    I am looking at the website and there is a "purchase" button. That is for their good stuff. Not the free one. And even the FREE anti-virus has the purchase button. How can you buy something that is free? That is where people get taken.

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