Obviously, from the number of complaints about PC TOOLS, it is or should be a pariah in the software business. They are behaving like cheap car dealers, or Nigerian scam artists. Here is the email I have sent them twice, no reply. Fortunately, our credit card was stolen and cancelled -- hopefully limiting PC TOOLS to what they have cheated us of so far. By the way, their PC TOOL crashed our PC while trying to remove the virus -- and we had to trash it!!

RE: Subscripion Fraud Cancellation

"I wrote you via your site 4 months ago to cancel this subscription, which I if anything was tricked by the kidn of fine print you find in car dealer deals. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Our lawyers would not have picked up your cleverly hidden subscription reference in your terms. Your products are also inferior, like your ethics. It has taken hours just to find out where to send a cancellation -- you bury any reference on your site.

I have kept my correspondence, but you have not bothered to reply to confirm this cancellation. It is within your self imposed time limits."

No reply from PC TOOLS>
Seattle victim

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