PC MouseNot received/sent?

Starts as follows:

"It has now been 7 working days, order was posted on 22nd January, it is now 2nd February and i am a little worried it has been lost.
Won't be the first time i have had trouble with Royal Mail and missing parcels, so i am just giving you a heads up that it may indeed have gone missing."

Seen it happen, thought nothing of it, got this response:

"I am very sorry you still not received your order please could you check with your local sorting office."

Hmmm, bad grammar, asking me to phone my sorting office, no order number, tracking number etc for a parcel i now worry has never been sent.

My response:

"Are you kidding me?? If i wasn't here for any signed item or item that couldn't be posted there would have been a card saying that my item was in the sorting office.
If they had it there and there was a return address on the item it would have been sent back to you.
If you want to phone them ( **** ****** ) and ask where it is by all means but if this isn't resolved i want a full refund ASAP.
Thank you."

I realised that i am not going to get my item or a refund so i wont even bother with this companies line of BS.

Good bye and good riddance but this company really do need to be shutdown but then i imagine whoever is involved would just rename themselves and start over. Better they stay as they are and people know just to avoid then at all costs.

What a waste of £14, all for the prospect of saving £2. Lesson learned i guess.

Feb 03, 2015

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