PBA / Business/ Internet/ Telecommunications fraud

1 MO, United States

Malcolm has/ is in violations not limited to Major fruad against the United States as defrauds Personal/ Public/ Business/ E commerce/ Cyber/ Network/ Homeland security; Information assurance.
Malcolm {refers to himself as "Boy Malcolm"} has conducted Telecommunications fraud by use RDD, s {illicit use radioactive materials in viol of the US Atomic Energy Act 1954}.

Malcolm violates the Foriegn Corrupt Practices Act at, has engaged in use Telecommunications at public expense for ID theft, Computer intrusion/ Theft Magnetic/ Digital property; conducted wireless Acts terrotrism by use Telecommunications as a WMD causing personal/ public property damage, has accessed US communications systems for personal email use and withholds magnetic/ digital evidence of those facilitating wireless acts terrorism/ espionage. He withholds evidence as to those defraudinmg the US {Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud the United States}

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