Payment Resources Sweepstakes / Not a guarnteed voucher

I sent Payment resources a money order for 29.96 it was really supposed to be 21.96. The letter stated I had won 612, 444.89 for my offical prize notice. A month went by and I called again to make sure this was true one of the personnel said the money went up to 614, 888.90. I was starting to think this is wonderful. Then just this month December I called and they told me I only one 9, 000 dollars. Then they said nobody won after three months of me thinking I was really going to get money. They now say I will get the 9, ooo in January and they kept telling me they did not receive my money order. My wife even mailed it express and certified and they did not even mail a refund check for the 8 dollars I over paid. Oh and they said the money was in addition to what I have already won which was nothing.

James Drake


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