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Payless / Autorent San Diego / Bait & Switch!

1 United States

My mother-in-law reserved a car through the internet with Travelvelocity through Car Rental Express. She was given a confirmation number with Autorent - San Diego. When she arrived at the Autorent office on 3346 Kettner Blvd in San Diego, she was told that Autorent did not have any cars, but that she could, literally, go to the next door in the building to Payless Car Rental where they would honor her Reservation. Strangely, Payless' address is the same as Autorent (3346 Kettner Blvd). When she arrived, she was told by the manager, George, that he would not honor the Resevation because Car Rental Express is not authorized to use Autorent. He stated that he's been trying since JANUARY to get them to stop (this incident occurred on a weekend in JULY). Conveniently for George, he's the manager of BOTH Autorent AND Payless Car Rental in San Diego. Like my mother-in-law told him: "Obviously, your not in too big of a hurry to stop CRX's practice because it drops people on your doorstep with very little recourse, but to rent from you at a higher rate." In the hour that it took my mother-in-law to rent a car, she saw two other people arrive with the same form of Reservation and receive the same explanation from Manager George. George was nice enough to offer people transportation to another car rental facility, but you can imagine what their rate was for same-day rental at other agencies. George's Payless Car Rental deal fell short of any competitor's, but more than the original reservations that individuals were showing up with that George wouldn't honor. Wouldn't someone in customer service like George want to make things right since he's been having this problem since January? Not George. I believe that this is a form of Bait and Switch. Unfortunately, the original Reservation and its prices are with Autorent, which is one of George's companies. I believe for it to be a true, illegal, Bait & Switch, Payless Auto Rental would have to have quoted the original price that George would not honor.

By the way, the original Autorent Reservation was for 4 days with a Standard size car at $110.86. What my mother-in-law got "by George" was 3 days with a Compact size car at $35.00 per day.

STAY AWAY FROM PAYLESS AND AUTORENT CAR RENTALS IN SAN DIEGO. This may not be an illegal practice, but it sure comes close!

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