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Hi everyone,

SUBJECT : & ***No.1 FRAUD***

Website :
Email Id's : [protected]

My name is GN. I'm an Internet Marketer(IM) from INDIA. I had
5 years of experience in IM. I will be doing some freelancing work
also. Now I will just goto the matter.

I registered as an affiliate at website.
is a broker platform to vendors and affiliates. As an affiliate my work
is to select a digital product from a vendor and I have to sell that
product online. Ex: If the vendors product price is $50 and If I(affiliate)
generated a sale, so I will get $20 as commission from vendor and PayDotCom
will take $3 as broker fee. Paydotcom will take this broker fee INITIALLY
from the funding source of vendor.

But what the funny thing is for every product at that we
generate a sale will have 60-Day Money back Guarantee. I.e; if the customer
is NOT satisfied with the product he/she will claim to refund total money.
Now I made a sale on 9th May 2011. i.e; 90 Days from the date of sale.
Till now there is no payment to me.

At the time of sale the buyer(customer who buys product online) will pay
directly to Vendor.Affiliate(me) has to wait for 60 days to get payment.
After 70th day I requested PayDotCom team.


" PayDotCom is NOT responsible to pay commissions to affiliates. You should
directly contact to the vendor of your product. If there is no communication
between you and vendor, we can't do anything. Your sales commission is at Vendor "

Look how ******FRAUD****** is this. For every sale we made amount is directly
send to vendors pocket then what is the guarantee that the vendor will pay after
60 Days to me(affiliate).

For every sale we made profit is $3 (borker fee) and vendor profit
is $47. is saying that we are NOT responsible for that and I'm sending
5-10 emails daily to vendor but NO response from vendor.


Here the has to save total amount for all the sales
I generated and should NOT give that money directly to vendor at the
time of sale. After 60-Days of money back guarantee, if the customer
is NOT requested to refund his/her amount, then PayDotCom has to distribute
these total $50.

Total $50 ( should be stored at paydotcom upto 60 days) and after 60th day

Distributed by PayDotCom = $3 (broker fee to PayDotCom) + $27 (vendor) + $20 (me)

I made 25 sales and PayDotCom + Vendor has to pay me => 25x$20 = $500 ( Rs.22, 500/- in INDIAN currency).


I struggled Day & Night to sell this digital product ( e-book).

Now I'm going to place a Cyber Complaint against PayDotCom policy and my request is to NEVER
work as an affiliate in INTERNET world and think to be your own BOSS. Be honest! Be Proud! Be Genuine!

Yours GN.

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  • Nt
      Nov 22, 2011

    There are a LOT of vendors on PayDotCom who don't pay their affiliates, or are late with payments. However this is not PayDotCom's fraudulent actions, it is the vendor who is doing you wrong. I suggest you (and anyone else reading this) put it down to a lesson learned and use a network (like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Plimus, Click2sell etc) which does take an active interest in making sure their affiliates get paid, and on time. Don't let this bad experience put you off internet marketing. Most are not like this.

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  • Co
      Apr 21, 2016

    theres nothing to do with the only problem is the vendor. Well, Screw the vendor should'nt let that happen. Before you sign up in every afiliates program read the terms rules and regulations because sometimes afiliates just like this had nothing to do with it.
    i suggest that find another program that will fit for you here another affiliates Rick, wealthyaffiliate etc.

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  • Si
      Apr 28, 2016

    One has to carefully study and understand the terms and conditions

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  • Le
      Jan 13, 2017

    you should come aboard and sell my product and work with me directly, i'll deposit in your bank account my self every day if needed. my product is GOLD and sells over 200 ebooks per day. check it out, i have two products

    contact me: [protected]

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  • Wi
      Jan 16, 2017

    Forget about all that!
    Go here and grab this free ebook - read it and learn to make money from the casinos! :)

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  • So
      Feb 08, 2017

    HI GN! Thanks for letting us know. Want to be an affiliate for my company? We believe in honesty and integrity and would love to have you on our team. We give 30% commissions.

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