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Paving Bricks / Bad quality Pavers

1 South Africa
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I would like to report my disattisfaction with regard to Paving on my property by Hennops Brick and Pave CC . After numerous complaints to the contractor (Hennops Brick and Pave CC) and a visit from Zenzele Bricks (Pty) Ltd, the supplier of the bricks to the paving contractor. I received a letter informing me that Efflorescence is a common problem on paving products and as per there terms and conditions of which was not brought to my attention. I was in agreement with Hennops Brick and Pave CC and I feel that they should have done a quality check on the bricks before accepting receipt of the bricks. I can understand if a few of the bricks had this problem but it is the entire batch of paving bricks is soiled. From receipt of the product the paving contractor and I acknowledged that the paving was discoloured. The pavers were meant to be brown and tan instead it looks more grey. He informed me that after the first rains it would wash away. After first rains In Sept 2010 the paving bricks deteriotated even further. The contractor later pretended as though he was not sure exactly what the problem with the bricks are and informed me that the would investigate and come back to me. On reply he said he thinks he knows what the problem is and he informed me that he would come and clean the pavers. However this did not work . He went back to the brick supplier. This is a letter that I received from Zenzele Bricks whom I did not have any dealings with in the first place. In the letter it states that if the Efflorescent is not reduced by frequent use of the driveway, i wil be reimbursed by 25% of the product price. I only use a small part of the driveway. What about the rest of my Property? Why are they willing to reimburse 25% if the terms and conditions states that this is a common occurence? I would understand if it occurred after installation. The pavers were installed with this problem. Please could you assist me in addressing and solving this problem. Please contact me on [removed] or [removed] to discuss a way forward. Thank you very much [removed]

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