Paul Manley Roofing and Construction / Workmanship

1 Hurst, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 817-721-5898

This guy put a "new" roof on my home in the Spring of '08. Shingles kept flying off from day one and it wasnt until I got fed up with hammering shingles back on my roof that I contacted my insurance carrier and had them look at it. They would not honor my claim because of "poor workmanship", basically meaning that the roofing nails had been overdriven through the shingles (tiles) and there was basically nothing holding the tiles to the roof. Paul Manley fixed only the area that was mostly affected, but did nothing else to the rest of the roof to make sure that tiles dont fly off during a wind. Called him in March of this year and he told me my warranty had run out ( 2 year warranty) vs. the 5 year warranty that he told us we had. Then, being a customer-service oriented kind of guy, hung up on me and now refuses to answer any calls or texts. Do urself a big favor and do not use this guy if u r in the DFW area. And do not pay attention to the A-plus BBB rating. He just joined in March of 2012 and has had two complaints already filed against him. Forget this loser.


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