Paul Maher AutoTheir service is shocking

After purchasing a car from Paul Maher, and having paid for it in full, I was Paul Maher could no longer find the paperwork. I was told to leave the car with them until they sorted it out. One year and five loan cars later, Roger offered me to buy another of their vehicles. I was given it to test drive. It as a Ford Fiesta and Roger assured me I would pay no extra money. Then, they miraculously lost those papers too and said I could no longer buy the car. They refunded me after the year but could not explain why they were no longer selling the Ford. Are they sellinhg stolen cars at Paul Maher? Both Roger and Trevor indicated that the car was for sale and that we could start the process of purchasing. Evenutally, I was told to return the car and they didn;t care if I walked home. Apparently, there is a paperwork issue with the Ford as well. The initial car is also sitting in their showroom, with no papers. Their service is shocking and the lies they told me led me to think something out of the ordinary is occurring there. I think they should be investigated and that no one should trust them as a dealership.

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