paul contrares / incomplete job, lies and cashed final check never came back to finish.

1 Austin, TX, United States

I do want to be clear up front. Rolando owner of Simental did not do this project or get paid for this project. UPDATE 4/25/12
Paul CONTRERAS was the person who I was referring to. NOT Paul Cerventes. My spell check changed name completely and i meant to go back and correct before closing.
Rolando initially came to my house with a co-worker Paul CONTRERAS in July 2010 The Co-worker (Paul C) was really not a co-worker...(not known till way after the fact, hence the date of November upon meeting with owner after trying to find this co-worker (Paul C) for several weeks) The project initially started in August. paid Mr. CONTRERAS 3000.00. Mr. Cervantes did say he was doing this separate from Rolando because of other projects so to contact only him . We had a written agreement.

When I told Rolando about this he was surprised but not surprised by what happened to me. He made clear they were friends and that he had no idea Paul was doing my home. He stated that Paul had been staying at his home and that Paul had stolen from his account money, but was no longer there at the time i contacted him. He also said he thought that my tools i described to him, he had seen on the porch at his home.

He was nice and came out to my home to see what was not finished and stated he would try to help me. I think though the only reason Rolando was interested in doing was coming to my house and getting his dry vacuum that Paul Contrares had left behind. He said it was his. I told him he could take it as it had been there for months. Confusing right? My point being this was a nightmare experience. I trusted Paul initially because i thought he was affiliated with Simental which is recommended by (local contracting services) as he came out with the owner to provide an estimate. I sent proof of all of this to the BB. Reported tools stolen. I ran Into Paul Contreras again a few months later who said he never took tools. Benefit of doubt...maybe someone just took them. He had acess to my home he could have taken other things and he didn't so maybe he was telling the truth. I said maybe he didn't he said he wanted to make things right and finish job. He acknowledged he took money to do the sidewalk and porch and needed to finish bathroom and missing concrete areas in house. I can't believe i actually believed he would. Of course he didn't.

the sad part is what part he did do even though terrible with time and follow up ect...was very good. He corrected the inside of a horrible job done by Texas colorcrete san antonio and Ruben briseno of New generation concrete out of castroville. I guess he got greedy, times were hard. I do not know. I am still awaiting my court date for first contractor.


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