Patti Fernandesmy hughesnet gen 5

Acct.#DSS32438238--I am so unhappy with the customer Service I receive from HughesNet. It seems my satillite billing has never been right since I took over the bill, Bothe of my sons have held responsibility for the billing, until both moved away. I ask for the bill to be changes to my name 1 yr or more ago. It has yet to be done. I pay @$41.83 monthly as I told the rep., No way can I afford $50.00, so she said I could get that price for 3 mos., and then call back in and request another 3 months etc. She issued me a $30.00 credit, as I had been given the run around so much, and I paid her my bill up to date. Now I get this message accross my screen that says you will no longer receive a disconnect message as you have been a loyal customer etc. I receive my billing, and the next day I receive z message accross my screen for disconnection. I call HughesNet and all the people were loud, did not speak good english, and I told them I was hard of hearing, so they scream. The girl was off line for quite sometime, and came back with a non-valid explanation. I offered her my payment of $41.83 she would not take it, I thanked her for her help and said I will call back tommorrow, and get my account straight and pay my $41.83. I am old, disabled, live on a veterans SSI money monthly, and internet is my ownly entertainment, and they can not even keep my payments straight. I desperatly need help with this mess. I have just received my hughesvoice telephone, and saved $40. a month, as I was about to have to cancel my Frontier acct., as I could not afford it, and now this mess has me at a near heart attack, or stroke, and that is no joke. Please help me.
Patti 3228 Hog Cove Rd.-Sylva, N.C. New phone#[protected]
Thank You. A desireable outcome, would be create a senior discount going by income, credit for payments and credits I made or received and my account in order and kept that way.

Feb 06, 2018

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