Pat's Plumbing / Exploits Senior Citizen to Fix Leak & Triggers a $5,127.37 Water Damage Claim

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“Pat's Plumbing (Predator Plumbing) Exploits Senior Citizen to Fix Leak & Triggers a $5, 127.37 Water Damage Claim…

On March 28 of 2006, my mother, Carol J Schrader age 64, called Pat's Plumbing of Federal Way, Wa about getting a water leak fixed in her bathroom to prevent any possible water damage.

Dale, a technician as indicated on Pat's Plumbing contract#755113 aka receipt & Dispatch #603281 made the following determination as to the cause of leak.

Dale of Pat's Plumbing, concluded it was a leak triggered from an older 3.5 gallon per minute toilet. According to his reported notes in the contract & what he told my mother was the fill valve was badly leaking & additionally, the shut off valve was also leaking.

However, it appears Dale of Pat's Plumbing failed to make a simple waterline inspection by looking directly underneath the house. Dale had close & easy access for inspecting the bathroom plumbing. Any experienced quality plumber would know this as demonstrated by the age of the houses’ galvanized plumbing.

If Dale of Pat's Plumbing had fixed the water leak problem then why was my mother forced to file an insurance claim for water damages in the amount of $5, 127.37 later in 2007 with her homeowners insurance?

Was it lack of competency? Was the technician truly an experienced licensed plumber?
A clear indication is revealed by Dale of Pat's Plumbing as noted on contract: Not Responsible for pre-existing plumbing which is clearly initialed in his handwriting.

This legal strategy is virtually used by Pat's Plumbing of Federal Way, Wa to protect Linda Housers financial interest while negating yours.

Read the following reviews, which clearly demonstrate how Pat's Plumbing & Linda Houser really operates:

FYI, Yelp hides the negative reviews!

Here’s what Yelp says: “Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business's overall star rating.”
The complaints or negative reviews on Yelp are not always factored against the overall rating of Pat's Plumbing.

Next read about what this handicapped victim experienced:
Pay attention to the phony or spurious 5 star reviews about Pat's Plumbing which attempt to overcome the negative detailed reviews.

See Pat's Plumbing attached contract with listed fees. Do you think it's transparent or easy to understand? It's confusing at best. If you examine the standard & membership rates they're both are extremely overpriced!

Note: The largest size I can use is 200 DPI for the scanning of the receipt for uploading to

Believe it or not, my mother actually signed this ambiguous contract!

Perhaps either Dale the technician of Pat's Plumbing or Linda Houser, the owner of Pat's Plumbing can doubtfully interpret what alleged plumbing services Carol J. Schrader actually authorized & agreed to pay for? And what did she actually received?

Do the convoluted calculations and you’ll see nothing adds up correctly!

It virtually reads like a bait and switch tactic! Selling plumbing memberships? What kind of sales gimmick is this?

The bottom-line is don't hire or use Pat's Plumbing for your plumbing services. They have perhaps demonstrated the cause of costly plumbing problems via water damage. I believe profit is their number one priority & not customer service.

Pat’s Plumbing is operating a virtual office (PO Box) in the following cities. Here’s a listing of cities under Google Maps with the following phone numbers, if you want to avoid hiring as plumbers.

Burien/Des Moines
Federal Way
Gig Harbor
Renton/Maple Valley

Why was this complaint, just now filed after 9 years?

Let me explain: My mother was seriously ill with cancer during this time period & did not have the energy nor time to fight or challenge this plumbing problem. Eventually leading to costly water damages overlooked by an incompetent technician of Pat's Plumbing.

Carol J. Schrader passed away in July of 2012 with this unresolved complaint against Pat's Plumbing.

However, it’s obviously too late to resolve this now, but not too late to warn others about avoiding the costly mistake of working with an incompetent plumbing service with poor workmanship.

Pat's Plumbing contract/receipt was just recently discovered this July of 2015 together with her homeowners insurance claim for water damages attributed to Pat's Plumbing from not thoroughly inspecting the water lines to prevent further damage.

I hope this complaint prevents other homeowners, especially women and senior citizens from experiencing a costly, yet avoidable frustrating lesson by not doing hiring Pat's Plumbing.

Hopefully, Linda Houser, the owner of Pat's Plumbing seriously reconsiders how she operates her business to be of service to the community, and especially the senior citizens.

If you believe you have incurred damages to your property from Pat’s Plumbing. Simply click the direct link below to report damages or violations:*083N5&SAW=

Remember, there is a 2 year statute of limitations for filing a claim for damages against any licensed contractor in the State of Washington.

Pat's Plumbing
Pat's Plumbing

Jul 16, 2015

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