Patient Name. Stacey Gray, 3815 Aerial Brook Trail. Fresno TX, 77545. Phone 713 444 9538 / Billing error

I have written, called, emailed. I has a surgery on 3/9/15. I have medicare part A. I submitted that information. ! But I was told that I wasnt in patient, so my blue cross blue shield paid 80%. I paid the rest out of pocket. I later found that memorial hermann southeast billed blue cross blue shield stating that I was admitted. Im on a fixed incme and medicare has told me, theonly way to recover my out of pocket is for memorial hermann to re submittheout of pocket, medicare will pay memorial hermann and memorial hermann can re imburse me. For a year ive been getting the runaround, ive even written memorial hermanns CEO. This isnt right,

Mar 29, 2017

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