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Pathmark / Supermarket or Ghettomarket

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States Review updated:

Since I was a child living in NYC I always shopped @ pathmark. I moved around a lot and finally end up in Philadelphia. I raise my family their and I have a church their. I do my shopping @ night since that is when I do have time to. For year I been shopping @ my local Pathmark till about a year ago. I seen their associates that work in the night crew doing drugs outside and then coming in the store smelling of Marijuana. They don't have respect for no one they are all over the store using fowl language yelling at each other both men and women and working under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I along with a few members of my congregation have written the store and tried to contact the manager, but got no results or response so we took or business else where, but it not the same. So I am writing this letter to the complaint board so they may take action. I leave this in your hands and in the Lords hands.


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  • Ro
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    Pathmark - abysmal service
    Pike street
    New York
    New York
    United States

    Every time I go (which I try to limit to when absolutely necessary) all the lines are long. Carriages overflowing with unbought goods are scattered throughout the store - especially by the checkout. And less than half the registers are open. Must avoid. Trader Joe's please takeover this space!

  • Dl
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree with your remarks. In fact at the New Hyde Park, NY location you can smell the alcohol on their breath while they are working. It is disgusting.

  • Do
      8th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Whos running these supermarkets it seems the A&P ( Pathmark ) is not doing nothing about thier stores. I have seen countless of complaints on Pathmark, You have the one here that is in Philadelphia that show no respectfor thier customers along with the one in New Hyde that are alcoholics and drugies. Anothers one in Harlem NY that the managers deal with false advertisement and laugh in your face and the cashiers are rude. Other stores you have cashiers ripping you off. You have all these stores stealing from us the consumers the ones that pay thier salaries and on top of it being disrespect ful and we can complain all we want but to no avail, managers don't care and the way i see it Corprate doesn't care either. I believe that these store should be boycotted till something is done. I do alot of traveling I am always on the road my suggestion to A&P ( PATHMARK) is that they should hire new people or switch then from thier locations. You have people working like this in the same location for years they tend to do thier own things and not do things by the book.

  • Sa
      16th of Feb, 2010
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    Shopping at Pathmark last Saturday I bought some tidycat cat litter, and Monday went to use it and discovered I did not have it. Called Pathmark customer service and explained what happened and was told they did not have any record of the litter being left behind so they would not replace it for me. Now being a loyal customer who shops there every week spending at least $200.00 each time, where is the loyalty to the customers?

  • Pa
      4th of Apr, 2010
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    A&P has a big issue with Pathmark personnel because there's lots of relatives and couples working together. Pathmark are unruly gangstalkers who do what they want under the approval of local managers who don't care about their jobs. In fact, the stores managers work under the impression that they're untouchable and so their relatives employees. I've seen coworkers stealing goods. The Jericko Turnpike Pathmark Store at Garden City workers smoke pot right outside the store's receiving area. The women who work there are sexual harassers who harass their druggaddict co-workers in front of the customers. There's a mentally challenged woman who works with the plants that bents over in front of the guys and back up into their groins laughing. There is an assistant manager who is a Deli's "ladies man." This assistant manager take them on endless cigarret breaks in exchange of being fed unpaid company's Deli food. They go in and out of the store leaving the customers unnatended. A&P should take over Pathmark management and fire or rotate managers of every department every six months to avoid these abuses. As it is right now Pathmark Headquarters doesn't give a crap about customers or about having a family oriented culture at their stores. I found this email address at to contact teh shareholders of the company directly. I'm sure they'll be very interested to know how their money is being wasted at Pathmark Stores. Let's save PathmarK Stores, Please write a complaint to the shareholders at

  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    well i was working at a pathmark and one of the security guys follwed me into the ladies room, then i got hurt on the job then they fired me! i hate pathmark!!!

  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    horrible, ghetto is right

  • Ho
      4th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    To the unsatisfied customer who complained: Maybe YOU are the problem here, not the Pathmark employees. Why don"t you utilize a new technique on your next visit to Pathmark and try to not be such an arrogant, rude, ### shopper. Just because you are a customer does not entitle you to be an ###. Take your $5 shopping order and spend it at 7-11 you unemployed bafoon. I am certain you will be more satisfied with their impecable service.

  • Sm
      4th of Jul, 2013
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    Personal experience at rt 440 jersey city store on 4th of july - faced nasty attitude and met with a very rude and non professional manager while returning the items purchased in the morning and returning the same day.

  • Nu
      3rd of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    The pathmark in horizon plaza on 174th in the bronx has the most ghetto cashiers of them all. They get upset at you if you ask them for a price check on a item that's placed in the wrong place. It's your job to price check items wtf.

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