Patek Philippe Museum / Racist Security Guard/Terrible Service

1 Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7, Geneva 1205, Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland
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Phone: Telephone +41 (0)22 807 09 10

After about 15 minutes in the museum, I realized that the security guard kept appearing behind me and after a while I felt that he is watching me throughout the time I was in the museum. I decided not to overreact as he is the "security guard", so I ignored him for a bit but then as I was exiting the museum, he made sure that he was sitting right behind the exit door and glared at me as I was walking out. I felt really angry, surprised, shocked and discriminated at the same time being the only solo female Asian traveler in the museum.

So I decided to address the issue and went back to the museum to file a complaint. The desk lady apologized for the security guard's behavior though the security guard did not apologize for his own wrongdoing which made me felt not quite right. So I said I want to file a formal complaint. On hearing that, the desk lady brought over the 'guest comment' books and said that this is their complaints book. I am utterly shocked and disgusted at their level of customer service and also how the desk lady try to get away with not having to deal with a customer complaint properly. Does she think that I would believe that the guest comments book would be used as a formal complaint procedure?

I believe that there were complaints filed previously regarding the security guard's attitude (to customers) as after sharing my story with another Asian female solo traveler (who is petite like myself), she also mentioned that the security guard was glaring at her in the museum when she visited! Why don't he just pick on someone his own size, what a bully! And a coward who hides behind the desk lady!

Patek Philippe Museum

Jun 28, 2015

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