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1 Garfield, NJ, United States
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To whom may I concern, My name is Pat and the reason I'm writing is to inform to the head of my Catholic believes about issues plus malpractices on a Catholic Church with the given name of Our Lady of Mount Virgin located on the town of Garfield, state of New Jersey, in United States of America, this mentioned church's priest by the name of Peter J. Palmisano is a disgrace to our ways of believing or our decent quality of life, for example, on many occasions after Saturdays Mass at 5 pm the mentioned Reverent invites people behind the mentioned church to go on drinking rampages, also using language not acceptable by our Catholic believes, but our main concern is a lady who's related to the mentioned priest and who has become a name minister of this mentioned church who is a bad influence to our Catholic believes, this mentioned Minister by the name of Annmarie Sacco is known to stay at the church living quaters over night every often after having numerous alcoholic beverages with all the priests including Father Peter Palmisano who's known to be a heavy alcohol consumer, the mentioned lady by the name of Annmarie Sacco is also known by going to local Bars with friend seducing men then bringing them to the mentioned church then getting rid of them by cheating with ether priests or men, but her latest boyfriend a decent person with great Catholic believes was accuse by this lady with stalking her when all the poor guy did was falling in love like a full for this lady name ANN M SACCO, so {we} the family and members of our Catholic believes are making a complain to the Vatican concerning this mentioned priest and his cousin by the name of Annmarie Sacco who can not stay as a Minister of our church or also serving communions to our community, she also smokes and drinks alcohol on local bars and have a bad reputation among the community, we also had send similar complains like the one I'm writing here to the heads of Catholic churches in Newark NJ USA and also at the Philadelphia's Cathedrals but this mentioned priest has ties with bishops on these facilities and our complain were not heard this is why we went higher to the Vatican, also to make it worst the mentioned priest Peter J. Palmisano has name the mentioned relative Ann M Sacco the head of the Lourdes program in which it has to do with bringing kids with mental disorders to Lourdes in France once a year on easter, please understand that we are also aware that the lady name here is taking funds for her own benefits from this cause, I know this is hard to believe but to proof my point just go on Facebook on the priest page in which is Peter J. Palmisano, there, you will see the such mentioned priest on trips plus with a wine glass in his hands, living like a king but also making our church goers here in New Jersey believe that they are saints and that this mentioned Lady (his relative} is a decent woman in which she is far from it or from God itself, so let's see if you listen to a sinner like myself but concern about our Catholics believes, hope you can fix our church, thank you, yours Pat Jorge

May 17, 2017

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