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Passport seva kendra bangalore is proving to be big inconvenience to people that convenience. I have bitter experience with them. There are lots of issues with new system. Sometimes I feel that old passport processing system at regional passport office wherein people used to directly go to passport office and stand in Q for 3-4 hours was much better than this pathetic "passport seva Kendra". They have following major issues
1) Inconsistency of information provided by website vs customer representatives at toll free number
2) Online booking system has lot of errors.
Issues in online booking of appointment:-I wanted to renew for current passport which is due to expire in Nov 2010 by tatkal scheme. I applied online and wanted to book appointment. On their website, no slot was available in next 2 weeks so I called customer representative. He told me that I can directly walk in to nearest seva Kendra from Bangalore and process application. However, I wanted to double check and called them one more time. Another customer representative told that appointment is must. So I booked date online which was available after 2 weeks ie on 10th of Sept 2010. A funny part starts here. Yesterday at night 7:00 pm I got call from PSK that there is issue in their booking system. It shows that slot is booked but actually it does not book and they asked me to reschedule my appointment to some other day. Now I am trying to find booking slots. There website shows certain timeslots available on 13th, 15th and 20th of Sept but when I try to confirm booking, it throws out errors saying “no slot available”. It seems I have to wait for another couple of weeks to just submit my application!. This is height of stupidity. This is pathetic situation!
Inconsistency of information provided by website vs customer representatives at toll free number
Their customer representatives are not well informed and there is lot of miscommunication which leads pain to common public. I wanted to renew my current passport which is going to expire in Nov 2010 by Tatkal scheme, PSK website shows that only two document required ie “current address proof” if current address is different than in existing passport and current passport. So I submitted online application with only those documents. However, one of the customer representatives of PSK told me that I need Annexure F and Annexure I also required even though current passport is valid and needs renewal. I called again to toll free number and there was a another customer representative who told me that annexure F and I are not required!. I am confused now which is true?
Avinash Atkar

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  • Ta
      Jan 11, 2011

    100% agree on the misinformation the front desk at PSK provides. For every Tatkal application they ask for Annexure 'I' and 'F' without even knowing the rules. I refused to budge from the line and demanded to speak with an officer. They finally called some guy who turned out to be a TCS manager at PSK. He was as clueles and adamant that these are the rules. I told him about what Website and helpline told me but he said our PSK follows this. can they have speciic rules for specific PSK. I did write below mail to to their mail ID. Worst part - the feedback/grievance section is so poorly designed that you can't even submit it. I think TCS has put its "BEST" brains behind this portal.


    Dear Sir, I applied under Takal for re-issue of an expired passport at PSK, Sai Arcade, Bangalore. The front desk refused to accept my Tatkal application saying BOTH Annex 'I' and Annex 'F' are required for Tatkal. The website ( clearly states that with annexure 'I' you can submit either Annexure 'F' OR 3 of 15 documents specified. I also got the same confirmed from the telephone helpline. I had a Annexure 'I' and the 3 relevant documents, but the front desk just refused saying this PSK follows this rule.

    What was even more illogical was that they mentioned if you come with prior online appointment, the Annexure 'F' is not mandatory but for walk-in tatkal appointment it is required. How can a rule be different just because of an online appointment ? If the Annexure is mandatory it should be the same even if you have a fixed appointment. It was distasteful to see misuse of position and lack of information/rules by both PSK staff and TCS representatives. It was very unconvenient for so many applicants who came there and were sent back.Can a specific PSK have its own rules for document requirement ? The TCS staff also had limited knowledge and refused any further clarity. I would sincerely request you to look into this matter.

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  • Vi
      Mar 31, 2011

    Even i had the same problems as mentioned above. Boss How come only 200 online appoints for a big bangalore city. this psk is a nonsense and also online appointments is a big ###. The previous direct manual applying is much better than the online system. and the tcs people in psk, sai arcade are behaving rudely and even threated me that i wont get passport beacuse of rasing my voice. This stupid goverment given the critical rocess of passport to an unorganised pricate organisation like TCS. I think this would be another big scam in the coming days.

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  • Sh
      Apr 07, 2011

    I agree with Avinash. It is hopeless system that they have introduced. You can get the appointment only by logging into our accounts. I tried it for a week and always it shows that there are no appointments available. Later, I was told by an agent that passport officers themselves will hold the appointments and will sell it for an amount of Rs 1000 for an appointment. And, as mentioned by Avinash, what customer executives outside (TCS folks) say is very much different from passport officials requirements. I feel Tirupati Devastanam is well organized compared to these IT DRIVEN passport offices. Its a big bull ###...

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  • Vi
      Apr 08, 2011

    I m facing same problem. Whatever helpline peoples are saying, is not matching when u will go to passport office.

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  • Im
      May 03, 2011

    PSK sucks to the core...

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  • Im
      May 03, 2011

    Mr. S.M. Krishna, kindly change the procedure into the old traditional system or review the procedures once again. I'm waiting for a re-issue passport to get it done for tha past 3 months. Would you really wait for this long ever in your life? I appreciate your efforts, but things are going useless. If you happen to read this, hope you'll do the needful to the peoples. The staffs are simply useless and ignorant.

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  • Ko
      May 11, 2011

    I have been trying the Online Appointment system for last week now without any success. My previous passport was also from Bangalore using the old system which worked.
    Even though I have no success in booking an appointment, agents like Thomas Cook guarantee me a slot in the next 2days. How? Everyone involved in the PSK is making money - TCS folks definitely are with the help of local Passport officers. Alas an example of an automated system that does not work. Public money down the drain like most other project :(

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  • Bh
      Dec 22, 2011

    The appointments are never available online. Old method of going to the passport office is much better.
    All government offices sucks :(

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  • Sa
      Jan 04, 2012

    Absolutely true, It is never possible to get appointments online...

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  • Yu
      Feb 18, 2013

    Dear Sir,
    I Mr.Mohammed Ysuf S% Late Abdul Hadi I Applied Passport for My Mother in Dec/2012 her name is KHAJA BEE Application No.BNGG01069612/ New File No.BNO101001069612 but passport office need re-documents as per requirement i sended in Jan-2013 but still no information.My contact no.[protected](E-Mail.[protected]

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  • Af
      Apr 29, 2013

    It is a shame on the part of the government that it cannot provide a basic system and process for something as important as a passport. How can we call ourselves as IT giants with such a pathetic automated solution? I dont understand why the slots should be opened only for 1 or 2 days? Why cant the slots be open for a month so that people can block and plan accordingly?

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  • Na
      Dec 27, 2013

    People sitting in PSK, Lalbagh are pathetic and arrogant. (Specially the government officers). They don't know how to talk and behave.

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  • Ej
      Jun 17, 2014

    same here ..I think call centre is just a waste of time consistent information and disconnects if we ask for clarification.
    Currently system does not allow to check tentative dates for appointment to decide if tatkal is required this question was not answered

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