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I placed an order in late Nov. for birthday party supplies. The website would not confirm my order. I tried twice more to place the order. Their site would not allow me to. I called and a rep said it might have gone through three times. It turned out it did. None with confirmation. I tried to cancel the two duplicates. They were shipped anyway. I was assured I could get a refund because several reps told me it was clearly partysolver's fault and that they knew about the problem. I could send them back. Getting return numbers was a nightmare. They do not respond to email. I had to call twice more to get these numbers. I sent it back with delivery confirmation at my cost. I received a refund of $4.87 twice for the packages which I paid $36.11 each for. The rep said the boss said I got all I was entitled to, and the next thing would be to email her. She hasn't responded. She stole $62.48 from me and knows it. I'm sure are many other this has happened to.

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  • Cu
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    This customer placed 3 orders with PartySolver on November 20, 2007. She did not contact our company until she received the orders on November 29, 2007. If she would have contacted our company IMMEDIATELY stating that she was having problems placing her order & confirming if the order went through we definately could have cancelled 2 of the orders. But she did not...she waited until she received the 3 orders to call. Since she was the only customer that expericenced this difficulty placing an order it was probably her computer or her internet connection. When she did contact our customer service department stating she wanted to return items a RMA was promptly sent for the items to be returned with complete instructions and exactly how the return would be handle and what she could expect for her return. She purchased a personalized banner with each order which is not accepted for return. All other items were promptly accepted for return and a credit was issued per the RMA email and the PartySolver return policy. Unfortunately this customer continued to place orders when she was having problems with her computer and did not take the time to followup as to how many orders she placed until she received them. All emails sent to PartySolver regarding this matter have been promptly responded to.

  • Q4
      15th of Feb, 2008
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    WOW...Sound like the buyer did not read the FAQ's or the websites policies before hitting the "buy" button! Any time you make a purchase on line and hit send, it's gone. Basically it's the same thing as checking out in a line at a store, you would not buy 3 times if you intended on making 1 purchase. I would have called after the 1st order to check if it went through.

    I have bought from these people ( many times. I even had to return some items with no problems.

    I like how the buyer "forgot" to mention that one item (personalized banner) was not included in the RMA but she returned it dumb on her part. I really don't think that someone could really expect credit for a customize item like her personalized banner.

    The buyer complains about paying return shipping and the restock fee...did she read the sites policy BEFORE ordering? You would not expect a store like Kohl's to pay you for the gas to drive and return items, why would you expect a website to pay for return postage?

  • Sa
      20th of Feb, 2008
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    I have purchased from Party Solver many times and each time have not experienced any difficulties with their customer service or shipping department. Each time my order was promptly shipped (usually the same day) and recieved in a timely manner.

    I did have to return an item to Party Solver as I ordered too many. The return was handled very professionally. A RMA was issued and emailed to me with all the instructions. The credit was issued the day they received the returned items.

    I don't understand why the customer continued to place orders when she was unsure if her orders were being sent. The buy button is the same as a checkout at the local store. Once you hit it you placed an order.

    She should have called or emailed to confirm if her order went through BEFORE continuing to enter the order again & again.

    To bad this customer did not read all the instructions before returning her orders. Did she really think she would be getting credit for a personalized item? What are they suppose to do with your personalized banner?

    This customer only has herself to blame for her problems with this merchant!!!

  • Jo
      22nd of Feb, 2008
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    I have been been a customer of Party Solver several times as I have 4 children. Each time my order arrived in excellent condition in plenty of time for our parties.

    This customer is way off base! Why keep pressing the buy button if you are not sure if your order was placed? I know a customer service phone number is provided on the website. She should have called or emailed to confirm her order after the first attempt.

    It is alway understood that personalized items are not returnable or able to be exchanged. What is the company suppose to do with your personalized banner?

    I agree with the previous posters, why do you think you should get you shipping cost back. You received the items you ordered, didn't you?

    You need to be a more diligent buyer. Party Solver is not responsible for your errors and overzealous actions.

  • Q4
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    I found this complaint site by accident when I typed in the google search box instead of the address bar.

    I must say that my wife and I have ordered several times from this site (that's why I'm going back there after responding here). The website is on of the most user friendly sites that i have seen.

    All of their policies are easy to find. That is why I can not believe this customer did not know that when you hit the send button, it's sent. It's kinda like when you go through line at the walmart then drive cant change your mind and return it and expect walmart to give you back you gas money. The shipping charges IS the gas money. DUH!

  • As
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    I have used Partysolver many times for our parties. Each and every time the customer service, shipping and products have been excellent. I would definately recommend this website to my family, friends and you!

  • Me
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    Partysolver's shipping, customer service & products have been excellent & the highest quality each & every time I have ordered from them. I would recommend this website to my family & friends.

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