Partridge Elementary SchoolBig mistake


My daughter is studying in this school and is a very bright child, because of her good performance many teachers know her very well. She always ranks within first three. In spite of being good and extraordinary in the school, the school did not favor her when she injured her self while she fell from the stair case right in the school itself. She was rushed to the hospital by the school staff and faced a server injurious on her head and back. The doctor examined her and concluded that her injurious were quite serious regarding the back, as it has hurted the back bone and asked us to give her complete bed rest. We brought her back home after 5 days and as doctor said she had to take a bed rest for at least 2 months, I went to the school to inform the condition as there were exams in next 20 days, the school refused to consider this problem and said that if she was not attending then she will have to repeat, this was awful, I tried hard to convince them and also showed the doctor prescription but all in vain. At last I decided and asked them whether they would allow a writer for the exam, they complete refused. This was very depressing and hard to take it. My daughter who had been a real good student in the school was not given any help. Today I realize that opting for this school was a big mistake.

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