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This concerns problems with the quality of care at Partners in recovery (formally value options)
I’ve been trying to get my prescriptions refilled sense they were called in by fry’s’ auto refill on the 3-10-12. I called the pharmacy several times; then I was told it was denied. I called and talked to someone at PIR and explained what was going on I was talked to like a child saying something to the likes of not having been there sense November. My appointments have been rescheduled about two times not by me. I’ve even took a forty minute bus trip only to be told it was rescheduled. After explaining this twice now I was told the nurse would call me back. I was also told the prescriptions were filled last on the 2/16/12. I explained I had all four bottles and three of them were filled on 2/10/12 and one on 2/11/12. Tells me again that it was filled on 2/16/12 when I just told them it was not. I have never received the return call or even a call to tell me about it being denied.
here is some of the complaints

Case Managers
I was in the car with my case manager they got a call she told them not to call so much because she had to pay for the minutes. After she hung up she said I hate to lie and she had unlimited minutes. Three weeks later I called my case manager three times in one day, I never call my case manager. She told me the same thing she has to pay for the minutes.
I was told by a case manager if I didn’t do something the doctor would call SSA and have me money cut off. I knew that doctor for six years I know better.
Refusing to take me home when I had a panic attack
Not showing up to take me to two doctors’ appointments and I seen them write it in their appointment book.
We had planned for three weeks to take me to a place to sell some stuff, when I needed money. When the case manager showed up that day she refused to take me. Saying they didn’t do what I wanted, when I read on their website they do that’s the reason I wanted to go there.
Not showing up to take me to look for a new place to live. I had to get the lawyer that was handling my parent’s estate involved. He said the basically said I could go screw myself. And that they said I was the problem. After he called them back they showed up.
Not showing up to get money order for rent, In the middle of June.
During the hottest part of summer here I needed to go shopping for food. Instead of going through the hassle with my case manager I ordered from Safeway and had delivered.
Not knowing the problems with their clients or their symptoms
Called my case manager to tell about my cat being sick and needed to go to the VET I was told me they would call back; by the time she did the cat was dead.
They have become a huge anxiety trigger.
Pressuring me to go to stuff at PIR in the middle of the summer then getting mad when I say I can’t until NOV.
When budget cuts began she kept saying well your bus pass will be only $20 a month and this when she knew I only had $60 for food a month. Same went for my prescription co pay.
I was saving money to be able to pay the co pay at my PCP, the case manager told me they would be wrote up if I didn’t go soon.
Taking me to a pharmacy for a new prescriptions, that’s no were near my house, told Ill take when its time. Well that never happened.
Texting while driving, with me in the car.

Making the same mistakes over and over and blaming the pharmacy.
Never has the correct information on my medication
Makes getting a refill a real hassle, every time I have to call I have to explain everything when it’s their error. And it’s normally the same things.
Always problems getting refill when out of prescriptions, the pharmacy has told me that they had to FAX them three times on one occasion. And neither I nor they ever hear anything back at that time.
Talking to me like a child.
This is a mistake waiting to happen.

Not calling when appointments have been rescheduled, when the doctor asked they said that they called. Sometimes a look like remember he’s crazy.
Telling me they sent a cab and one never show up.
Keep journal on my symptoms as told and nothing is done, I think the doctor’s hands are tied.
Pressured into teaching a computer class at partners in recovery, after telling them over and over I could not do it until my symptoms are under controlled.
I’ve heard the people at the front desk lie to clients several times.
Even after talking to the doctor about my symptoms, I was giving a new doctor that handles title 18 patients and it seems that that’s all they are going to do. Now all they do is collect money from Medicare and for showing up I get my prescriptions in return. Even changing my appointments to only every three mounts
Come in for a doctor’s appointment and I have a new doctor no one told me anything.
Checking in at the front desk and no one ever tells the doctor I’m there. The doctor even marked me as a no show one time. Luckily the doctor came walking through the waiting room and seen me.
While making my next appointment at the front desk the employee just got up walked out the front door and didn’t come back for about five minutes and did not say a thing when they got up and left.
I was asked to look at partners in recovery website; I made suggestions, list of what was wrong with it. Wrote new code to give example of how it should run, told I would get a phone call. That was over two years ago. I was told if I did this I would qualify to get a bus pass.
Called to see about meds they asked who was my case manager I said I didn’t have one, she said if I don’t have case manager I can’t be getting medication.
Called later told I was having problems getting my prescription asked for my name I said Gilbert Green asked how do you spell the last name I said like the color again how do you spell it like the color, I was put on hold.
Tried one more time called, asked if I could hold I said it’s really important put on hold.
I called several times over the years, all I’ve ever had do was say was. I’m having problems ask if have a case manger I say no and I’m transferred.
Contacted Medicare they say there not involved call AARP Medicare RX plan it’s not them either it’s Magellan. I haven’t been with them in years the broke of the mental health and call it partners in recovery now. And I was told they had nothing to do with it anymore
I cannot find and easy way to contact Magellan
Contacted Magellan transferred me to the partners in recovery, got a voice left message that I need to file a complaint. Gave name, number that was on the 3/28/12 no return call

Constantly bothered for cigarettes
Have separate bathrooms for clients and employees. I’ve even over heard a PIR employee make a comment about not using the same bathroom as the clients. (very demining) the bathroom in the office area is immaculate.

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