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DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM PARS CARS!!! I purchased a 2001 Honda Accord-for $14k mind you; and it was A PIECE OF CRAP!!! The engine knocked, the car cut off in the MIDDLE OF DOWNTOWN ATLANTA!! And when I toook it to them for repairs, they found the transmission was shot!!!

I asked to be released from my contract and they wouldn't do it. Instead, they put me in a 2000 Jetta; for $9, 500 of course. THE SAME NIGHT I picked up the car, it had a leak in the front. The next morning, it was running so hot-it started SMOKING!! I was going out of town-so I took it to a mechanic, that informed me the radiator and thermostat were shot!!! SO I paid for the parts and labor to the tune of $350. I called Pars Cars and told them what happened and they said it was nothing they could do. Then when I called United Auto Acceptance, they're so-called "corporate headquarters" the guy HUNG UP IN MY FACE!!!

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THERE!!! The car market is rapidly failing-you could get a BRAND NEW 2008 for LESS THAN what they'll rip you off for!! JUST DON'T DO IT!!

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  • Di
      Aug 22, 2009

    I bought a car on 6/30, and they have been horrible in working with me to fix the issue. They unprofessional, and I can't get them on the phone on a Saturday. I bought a 2005 Honda Cive and 5 days later it was overheating. They replaced the radiator twice and they still have the car presently.

    I wouldn't recommend anyone to them; their service center are not bonified mechanics to properly diagnose real issues with a car. I am a single mom of three and they have cost me time off my job and mental anguish.


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  • Je
      Dec 07, 2009

    On December 4, 2009 United Auto issued a repossesion notice on my suv and took action to reposses the vehicle. The action was unanticipated since 1) I completed all down payments on the vehicle which I have reciepts for, 2) the car was fully insured, 3) my very first payment for the vehicle was not due until December 16 2009. When I called United Auto and finally talked to the a representative, who stated that she was the only person to deal with this particulair issue, she expressed to me that the vehicle was repossessed because of no proof of insurance. Previously, I faxed in a copy of the proof of insurance on December 2. She stated she had the proof of insurance and she agreed that the vehicle was always covered. She stated even though there was proof of insurance since I did not make a phone call to followup on whether they had my proof... in order to get the vehicle back I was going to be required to pay my December 16 payment AND a payment for 389.00 for the repossesion. That total is 789.00. i explained that the first payment is reasonable because i owe that for the vehicle but to charge me for a repossesion that should never have happened was quite unreasonable. She expressed to me that she would not budge on her position. I also went to PARS CARS where i purchased the vehicle . The general manager expressed to me that this matter was none of his concern and that he and his staff was only involved in selling cars. he stated that the matter was between me and the bank. the ironic part of his statement is that when i was sold the vehicle PARS CARS claims they OWN the bank. Needless to say I have issues with the buying experience. I satisfied my portion of the contract by being in compliance with both payment and insurance. At this point I would like a refund of my down payemnt and for PARS CARS/UNITED AUTO to not report a repossesion on my credit report so i may go to a dealer with a more reliable customer service result.

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  • Ka
      Mar 28, 2011
    Pars Cars Sales - Bad service
    Pars Cars Sales
    United States

    Wow! Bought Nissan Exterror 3 wks ago, there was a default in breaks, they agreed to change pads only since that was after 1 day of buying car. Today 3/17/11 car couldn't start. Bought it for $12, 900 unbelievable Made $1, 000 deposit they insisted 2 add $700 in 2 installments. What a rip off. Guys DON'T go 2 PARS I will file with BBB also and thinking of returning the car don't care any more will rebuild my credit with/without PARS, Kelly Blue book says $8, 000 with less than $140, 000 miles.

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