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Parr Ford / Bad Purchase Experience

1 Bremerton, WA, United States Review updated:

I arrived early (8:30 am) for an appointment about the possibility of trading in my new Ford for a used car for a LOWER car payment. The car was picked out by about 8:50 am. They kept me waiting because they were "trying to get me the best deal." NOT ONCE did they mention any possible offers (trade-in, purchase price, monthly payment). In the meantime, they only advised that they were detailing the new car and moving my personal belongings from the trade-in to the new car. Finally, about 12:30 pm, they ushered me in to SIGN PREPARED PAPERS. Because I was so tired of waiting I let them proceed. About half-way through the signing they advise me of the financial details...which included almost DOUBLING the car payment I was trying to lower. I didn't have any support, so I felt obligated to complete the signing instead of walking out. (By the way, the "detailing" was HORRIBLE---my child could have done a better job!) I felt bad all night and the next morning. I went back to Parr Ford early to tell them I was not happy with their business tactics and wanted my "old" car back. They refused and OFFERED TO MAKE ME ANOTHER SALE. I told them I made that mistake once already and left. (Subsequently I purchased another car from Subaru in Gorst and still love that car---and will deal only with that dealership from now on!)

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  • Ja
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    My son found a truck at Parr Mazda that was in there back lot. My son started from the start telling them he only had $3500 to spend and no more. They sat him down with the F&I manager and they said they couldn't sell for under $3900. My son thanked them and walked out. On my sons drive home they had called him back and let him know they would be able sell him the vehicle for $3500 "out the door". My son called me to advise me what they could do. I told him I couldn't go with him that day so we postponed for two days until I could be present. I have heard horrific stories of Parr Ford and the business tactics they use to sell a vehicle. I accompanied my son to inspect the truck and sit with him in the signing of the papers. The contract we signed was negotiated at $3500. My son reaffirmed in my presents, there would be no additional charges, that $3500 was it. WRONG. They called several days later to tell my son his license plates were in but he had to pay an additional $60 for tabs? Tabs were negotiated into the original contract? I sent my son down to pick up the plates and they suddenly were misplaced and he couldn't have them. Since, we have found that they knowingly sold this vehicle with bad brakes (they even left the repair parts in the vehicle), it also had bald tires. There are many consumer protect act violations that stemmed from this transaction, we are going to get advice in the upcoming days. I have talked to several people that have jokingly said, Parr Ford is next to the sewer treatment plant for a reason.

  • La
      1st of Dec, 2010
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    I and my husband went to sell only our truck to them. (I have to say I was married to car sales man before so I do know a few of the tricks of the trade, that and my dad has taught me very well concerning how they work, plus what you should and should not say... and I still to this day mess up it can be overwhelming... Best advice DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE GOING IN AND BE WILLING TO WALK AWAY no matter how great the vehicle. They are trained to do their job good or bad, If you need more time to think about it or something does not feel right, WALK AWAY! You can always go back they just want to make a profit but they will make it seem like they there for you.) Now, I told the car salesman up front, on the phone that is all we really wanted. We dropped the truck off the night before. They called us back with with what they would buy it for but said it was worth more as a trade not by much but a little. Our truck is a Ford Expedition 2006 limited King Ranch with only 46, 000 miles on it. After hearing the sales pitch concerning the 2011 edge we went ahead and decided to test drive it. It was a decent vehicle. When we got back to the dealership we said lets work the number they then said they had to appraise the truck 3 more times so we waited. The price on the window of the Edge had printed that the price was a little over 37, 000.00, when they starting putting numbers together we were told the price for the vehicle was 39, 000.00 pretty much 40, 000.00. We said that we wanted our truck paid off, but the Edge had to be lower and our monthly payment could not be more than 300.00. I told him 15, 000.00 for the edge plus taxes and all fees out the door, knowing they would not say yes...he about pooped in his pants. He left came back and said what about doing monthly payments 350.00 or 399.00 out the door. They refused to drop the amount. They kept repeating themselves which is a sales mans trick. That is when we looked at him and said listen payment has to be 300.00 or less... he then asked how much our current payment for our truck was I told him, it would be under 300.00 but we added extended warranty when we got it so its over 300.00 and that is too much. I looked straight at him and said plus, our car insurance will go up with a new vehicle on it. He said that the truck cost more to insure than a new car. I came very close to correcting him but refrained. (I do not know if its with just our car insurance but, when we got our new cars in 2009 our insurance went up, when we traded one of the cars in for the truck it went down.) They absolutely refused to lower the price the edge, usually when its the end of the month car dealerships do almost anything to get a sale because of making sure they sell a certain number of vehicles plus bonuses for the extras, Parr Ford lies (bluntly lies) and doesn't care about the customer satisfaction. They will tell you like they told us they are looking out for you its not about them making money, (then selling the 2011 Edge for 15, 000.00 would have been no problem) of course its a line but they never should have said it. I strongly advise against buying from Parr Ford. Today is 12/1/2010...this took place at Parr Ford yesterday 11/30/2010

  • La
      1st of Dec, 2010
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    I forgot to add, that we turned the sales manager and since they refused to lower the price on the 2011 edge they in fact raised it said we just want to sell the truck, we were then told to come back and go to used car and sales. We were also treated like our credit was bad, they came back and kept saying the monthly payment was on the default apr interest rate, which means they had not run our credit. I will say it was 8 pm at night and I and my hubby would been willing to wait to come back earlier during the day so they could do our credit and treat us like respectful people. We were told we could try for a used Edge and test drive it. It was too late and we felt they were just hassling us. We were willing to walk and we did. he only positive thing out of this experience, the first car sales man we dealt with Clay Young was actually up front and honest with us. When he left everything went down hill. He lost his sale due to his managers. (sorry for the 2 postings there was a lot to cover)

  • Sq
      5th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Parr Ford is a joke to buy a car from. Their sales team is like watching the Keystone cops. SO much happened that I am just exhausted thinking about it! Just take my word, dont even bother buying from them, just take the time and go to another dealership, save yourself the stress.

  • Bo
      22nd of Sep, 2012
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    The funny thing is a person that thinks they can lower their monthly payment but buy a more expensive car!!! HOW DOES THAT WORK?????? Car math geometry or even algbra the math just doesnt work!!! How do you offer 15k on a 40k car and expect them to even consider it??? The average Ford Edge is 30k?? do you think they have 15k in profit? If thats they case I am going to go start a new career! The only painful expirence is reading her story!

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