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Want to Be a millionaire in two years like real estate agent Parm Brah let us ask how?
Parm brah Parmdip Brah paul brah are all one persons name known as realestate

scammer/fraud and winner of fraud award for 2014

Hello Mr. Parm as you claimed that you have made million in two
years for selling the houses to the customers how is it possible?
First of all I go through the customers history and offer them a lumpsum of say ten thousand dollars
and ll them I want to buy a house and as I have twenty houses under my name I want to buy a house under your name and within six months we will sell the house as the housing market is high we share the profit 50%

Parm brah has a friend name Sunny Talwar who is mortgage specialist and been working with different banks for getting the mortgages for parm clients. job of the Sunny Talwar is to get the mortgage approved from any bank at any higher rate and he will get share of say 20% Parm brah will approach the builders and negotiate the price of the house The price of the house will be over priced by say $120000 Fro eg the price of the house is $400000 Sunny will be asked to get the loan approved for $520000.Once the loan is approved the house will put on rent to pay the initial mortage once the renter moves out he will stop making the payment to the bank for rest of his life the customer under whose name the house is will be stuck as customer cannot sell the use as the purchase price is too the bank will seize the house and the court will try to recover the money from the innocent customer who does not know the cunning mind of the devil like parmdip brah/hardip brah

Hardip brah father of parmdip brah filed bankruptcy after transferring all his liquid assets in Swiss Bank 2billion.Hardip is master cruel brain after Parmdip ideas, .Hardip brah did not paid wages for to
subway employees for four months and did not pay the government for taxes deduct from employees pay cheques for over a year,

Parmdip brah now leaving in US says he scam more than 20 customers in Edmonton and that is the reason he moved to USA as the customers started coming to his house and knocking the doors and calling him on his phone he moved to US His license no. [protected].For more information please contact

paul brah
sell frist reality
535 Mento Drive Suite
Rocklin California

Sep 12, 2014

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