Parle Products Private LimitedFraudulently cheating indian citizens by eatables bakery sweets namkeens confectionery unhygenically & under weight at exorbitant prices?

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Status as on 13 jan 2017
Registration number : pmopg/e/2017/0023044
Name of complainant : vivek sawhney
Date of receipt : 10 jan 2017
Received by : prime ministers office
Forwarded to : ministry of food processing industries
Officer name : shri. Parag gupta
Officer designation : jt. Secretary e
Contact address : panchsheel bhawan,
August kranti marg,
New delhi110049
Contact number : [protected]
E-mail : parag. [protected]@gov.In
Grievance description : the prime minister of india south block new delhi respected sir under which special circumstances parle-g glucose biscuits are half size biscuits only in the latest packets purchased by undersigned from the dealer of parle products pvt ltd vs khandekar marg vile parle east mumbai 400057 maharashtra. At new delhi as per attached packing slip in total violation of centre for public interest litigation petitioner versus union of india and others respondents in civil writ petition number 681 of 2004 decided by honble supreme court of india by state food safety authorities for their illegal gratifications and illegal favors in kinds as well from the delinquent manufacturer why the manufacturers importers marketerers distributors or dealers of major food and beverages articles or confectionery or bakery products or sharbats or squashes or other sweets or namkeens manufacturered by either restaurants or sweets shops or by any food eating joints by manufacturing and marketing unhygeically cooked or manufactured eatables or beverages or confectionery or bakery products or sweets or namkeens without following the proper norms of fssai or other state or union territories concerned officers for their unending lust of illegal bribes or illegal favors in cash or kinds in absolute violation of above noted honble supreme court of india judgment centre for public interest litigation petitioner versus union of india and others respondents in civil writ petition number 681 of 2004 decided by honble supreme court of india dated 22 october 2013 despite specific several complaints lodged to state food safety departments as well as to fssai why the health of indian citizens be allowed indiscriminately jeopardized by most arrogant most undisciplined most tainted concerned fssai or state or union territories officers who are supposedly to supervise or monitor the basic hygienic standards by manufacturers importers distributors or traders who are in the business of eating joints manufacturing or marketing of all kinds of eatables beverages squashes sharbats confectionery bakery products dryfruits sweets or namkeens ice creams or kulfi faluda as well in contemtuous defiance of above noted supreme court of india judgment since 22 october 2013 till date for their vested illegal interests of bribes in csah and kinds from delinquent violators awaiting speedy action against all violators and government protectors who are sheltering such wrong doers for their personal illegal gains or gratifications for flouting aforesaid judgment and fssai norms too
Date of action : 11 jan 2017

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    PORTAL Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)Brought to you by Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances
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    Grievance Status
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    Status as on 13 Jan 2017
    Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2017/0025492
    Name Of Complainant : VIVEK SAWHNEY
    Date of Receipt : 11 Jan 2017
    Received by : Prime Ministers Office
    Officer name : Ms. G. Jayanthi
    Officer Designation : DIRECTOR
    Contact Address : NORTH BLOCK
    Contact Number : [protected]
    e-mail : [protected]
    Grievance Description : Honble Prime Minister of India New Delhi Sir Under which CCS Rules Or Other Central Laws Or Special Ordinances it is Mandatory to Protect the Most Arrogant Most Undisciplined Most Tainted Indian Bureaucrats However Inhumane Or Doubtful Integrity with the Sole Motto of Extortion by foul means he or she may be serving Union of India Or State Or Union Territories after 15 August 1947 till date What are the Specific Reservations Or Compulsions as per CCS RULES Or as per Special Notifications Or Special Promulgations of Honble President of India under which Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India Or The Respective Chief Vigilance Officer of Respective Ministries Or Departments Either of Central Government Or State Or Union Territories Governments Intentionally and Purposely Avoiding to Probe Truthfully Sincerely Effectively the Illegally and Fraudulently Acquired Huge Immovable Or Movable Assets Actually Disproportionate to their Officially known sources of Incomes or after Deducting Massive Luxurious Life Style Expenditures from the dates of joining services till the date of Superannuation thereof Why Open Contemptuous Violations Even after Reporting to Honble CJI of SCI Or CJ of DHC of Well Settled Supreme Court of India or Various High Courts Judgments are gone Unpunished Especially in Cases of Delinquent Basic Four Wings of Indian Administrative Machinery Constituting Indian Judicial Services Indian Law Enforcing Services Indian Direct and Indirect Taxes Earning Services Or Indian Civic Servants Neither Scrutinized Or Investigated Properly Nor the Guilty Or Erring Officials Punished Suitably in pursuant to Civil Appeal No 5703 of 2012 Decided by SCI On 03 August 2012 till date Why Proper and Through Scrutiny have been made upon the following Complaint Numbers got Registered at CPGRAMS Or with PMO Vide Serial Nos 0042528 PMOPG [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] 2017675 PGMS Or Suitable Punishments had been Awarded upon Most Delinquent Tainted Arrogant Possessors of Massive Ill Gotten Wealth Actually Disproportionate to their Real Salary Incomes Earned During the Course of their respective Services than what Actually Or Really they all are Possessing as of now Are the Officers of Four Basic Indian Administrative Jobs referred above are given Unblemished Patronage by UOI Or State Or UT Governments To Accumulate Disproportionate Assets both Movable Or Immovable Assets and High Flying Standard of Living in Gross Violation of Various Well Settled SCI Or Various High Courts Judgments in Order to Fully Protect the Major Law Breakers Major Land Scammers Major Tax Defaulters Or Major Tax Evaders Despite having the Modules Or Modus Operandi Adopted by such Wrong Doers by Slapping False Frivolous Or After Thought Concocted Or Crafted Civil Or Criminal Litigation in Order to Silence the Voices of Whistle Blowers of Rampant Corruption in All Walks of Lives in Indian Republic Even After Seventieth Year of Indian Independence from British Rule Still Awaiting Immediate and Proper Action against Violators of Civil Appeal No 5703 of 2012 Decided by SCI On 03 August 2012 without further Intentional Delay to Silence the Voice of Whistle Blower of Rampant Corruption of Indian Administrative Four Basic Wings Will Indian Vigilant Citizens Or Patriots Or Whistle Blowers Tried Rigorously to be Eliminated for which Fifteen Unsuccessful Attempts had already been made by Heinous Nexus of Hardcore Criminals Or Wrong Doers of Rampant Corruption of Rich Influential Group of Persons Or Major Corporate Entities Or Their Managements Or Directors are Suitably Protected Even by Law Enforcing Agencies as well as Indian Civic Or Tax Administration Officials and Indian Judicial Officers for Obvious Reasons or Financial Illegal Or Other Wrongful Gains Despite Possessing Enough of Documentary Evidences Since 14 September 2010
    Date of Action : 12 Jan 2017

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Jan 12, 2017

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