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I was contacted by a Jeff Adams saying that I had been approved for a 5000 loan. I was obviously excited considering I was in desperate need of the money. The catch was, because my credit score was only a fair rating, the company that was going to lend me the money would need 8 months in advance. The total would be $930.00. I had to borrow this money from a friend. Even though I had a gut feeling about wiring the money to some woman named Sheila Miller, I did it anyway because I was so desperate.

The next day, a man named David Taft called and said that the company that was going to provide me a loan wanted an additional 8 months payment and that they reserved the right to do that. I got very angry and told him that if I had $1860 handy in my bank account that I wouldn't be trying to get this loan. I then told him that I would call him back.

After about thirty minutes, I called him back and told him I wanted the refund. He said that I would get the refund on Dec. 27, and I asked why it would take so long. He then told me that it would take so long because I would have to wait for the companies 'billing cycle'. That made me furious, due to the fact that I had gotten them the money so fast.

Now, I'm still in need of money and i owe my friend $950. A little advise, NEVER wire money to ANYONE.


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  • Le
      14th of Dec, 2008

    My husband and I were contact by Adam Bradford and he said that we were approved for a 5000 Loan that we applied for. But, we had to pay $930 up front for the first 6 months and we didn’t have to pay anything until July 1, 2017. I asked him what the reason for the upfront payment he said it was because we no collateral. Adam Bradford faxed us over this legit loan document to sign and fax it back to him. I asked him how this process worked and he says as soon as you sign the copy of this loan and send me the money the money will be deposited into your account the business day. Adam said we can pay either by check and it would take up to 2 weeks to get our money or if we wanted it faster we can money gram it to them and the funds will be direct deposited into our account. So I called Adam Bradford and said that I have the money to send them and I need to know where to send the money too. He told me to send it Laura Hurd based out of Canada. Not sure how there getting the money in Canada with no ID but they are. Because I thought when you wired money to someone they need a picture ID. So I called him back with the reference number that he need and gave him my banking information so the funds can be deposited into my account. I did this transaction on 12/11/2017. We also took out a payday loan to make up for the difference that we were short. My husband and I used both of our paychecks plus a payday loan to come up with the $930 dollars that we needed to send. After I called Adam Bradford he told me to money will be in my account no later than 2 O’clock my time, which is 5 O’clock there time. Where ever they’re at.

    So when 2 o’clock ran around I check my bank account online and no money was deposited. So I called Adam Bradford about 2:10 my time which is in California and asked him where my money was at. He said he need to contact the accounting department and he will call me back. I told him that I would call him back. Right after I got off the phone my husband called me and said he got a call from Mr. Taft and I didn’t believe him and I hung up on him. So I called Adam Bradford back and he said he didn’t know what happened and that he can’t access our file and that I need to contact his supervisor in Customer Service Mr. Taft. I said what do you mean you can’t access the file. He said he can’t he doesn’t know what’s going on. So then I hung up on him and called my husband back. My husband said that Mr. Taft said that our loan was denied and we could either send another $900 or get our money back. I told my husband that I wasn’t waiting 30 days for my money back I wanted it back NOW. Then I spoke with Adam Bradford again and asked him why we needed to pay an additional $900.00 for a loan that we were approve for because you called us on it. He said it was on his desk and he called us. He doesn’t know what’s going on. I said you got to be kidding with me. I told him that I didn’t believe him and that he was working with a company who was scamming people and he had the nerve to say I don’t know what you are talking about and that I was the first person that this has happened to that he couldn’t get into our file. I told him that every other person that he calls for these personal loan and then sends the money to who ever in Canada and then all of a sudden you don’t have access to our file. I said that’s a total lie. I told him it was very sad to see him work for a company that is scamming families and individuals for money. He said that he was sorry and that I needed to speak with Mr. Taft because there is nothing he could do. So I called my husband back and he said Mr. Taft would have the money back in our account by 12/22/2017.

    I was devastated; I couldn’t believe this was happening to us. We gave this person/persons all of are hard working money and we got nothing in returned. I was going to lose my car, we were going to lose our home and my 3year old son would have no place to live. If, it wasn’t for a family friend who is going to help us out. I don’t know what to do next but I want to take this company, person/persons down. We should all get together and try to find these persons/person who is doing this to incident people who are struggling to get ahead or make something of their live with like starting a business and all.

    Please someone contact me to let me know what I need to do next to help caught these idiot who are steeling our money. So they can have some. They sure have the balls to do this. My husband and I shouldn’t have research this a little better before making a huge mistake and almost losing everything. NEVER WIRE MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON”T KNOW. If they ask for MONEY UP FRONT it’s a SCAM


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  • Ta
      2nd of Jan, 2009
    Parkway Lending Group - SCAM FRAUD OUT OF $868.00
    United States

    I was contacted by someone that work for Parkway. He said he got my name an online loan. I did recall looking for a loan but couldn't remember if this was one of the companies anyhow he went on to tell me I qualify for a $5000 loan but I was a high risk because of my credit. So I had to give them $868 which I already had $600 but I had to borrow $270 from a friend. They also gurantee me that I should recieve the $5000 in my bank accout if I money gram the money the next day. Which I did, then the following day I receive a phone from another employee a David Taft who told me I had to send another $868 in order to receive the $5000. I told him that is the ridiculous thing I ever heard because if $1736 to give them I wouldn't be attempting to borrow the $5000. So he told me I would have the wait until Dec.26 to receive my $868. I called several times to reason with them but they insisted I had to wait 3 wks for the same money they received within 24 hrs also they did have me wired to women who was suppose to be the lender in Canada also. The really awful thing about this is my friend who I borrow the $270 from warn me that is could be a scam espcially if I had to money gram or western union the money but I thought it was a legit company because I went to the bbb online to see if there was any complaints there wasn't any yet. Now I am out of $868 and also unemployed. Lesson learn never fall for anyone that contacts you about anything.

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  • Pk
      20th of Jan, 2009

    I was scammed exactly same way. Mans name is Jeff Adams. I have filed police reports, contacted Better Business Bureau, in both Ohio and Georgia, Attorney General, FCC, lawyers and no one will help me. Ladys name in Canada is Trish Collier. Is this same name gave to you?

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