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1 Houston, United States

My car was booted because after paying to park in the morning I drove my group out to lunch. The parking lot has a "no in and out" policy. I found out what that meant the hard way, with two boots. My complaint isn't about the facts, it is about the practice of "no in and out" and the punishment. First I disagree with the practice since after leaving and returning to the parking lot I am not given any "new" service. Going to common law here, if I sign a contract and the other party also signs, the other party may not demand more money from me after the fact without giving something in return. My view of parking is that you get a space for a certain period of time, and you should be able to park there safely within that time. The extent of "in and out" privilege should be that if you paid for the privilege no one can take your spot, it is saved. If there is no privilege then you risk someone else taking your spot while you are gone.
The second complaint I have is that the boot and accompanying fine(s) are the same as someone who parked there all day and never paid. So you have people who pay and park all day with no penalty, people who don't pay and get booted, and people who pay and are there less than a full day who are nevertheless booted same as the former. So the guy who didn't pay and the guy who paid are both punished, but the guy who paid has to pay twice? How is that just?

Feb 19, 2015

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