Parke Laurel Apartements - The Lane CompanyTERRIBLE &Management& and false charges for paid rent

This apartment complex is nothing but trouble. I have dealt with several WEEKS worth of garbage piling up around the dumpsters (yes, all of the complex's dumpsters), rude management and office personnel, and I have been falsely sued for unpaid rent (although I had the receipt and canceled check proving otherwise. I pursued a written apology to keep as documentation, because their taking me to court must certainly remain in someone's records!)

Their most recent offense also involves my rent. Knowing that I could not possibly take another 6 months in this wretched place, I have decided to go on a month-to-month lease. According to their language, doing so requires a $150 month-to-month premium. However, the total I was given added $170, and when I asked why, I was told "not to worry, " it's $150, not $170. (Sounds like small taters, but these ###s CANNOT do their jobs!!) Well, when my first month-to-month bill arrived, it didn't add ANY additional charges, so I contacted the rental office, confirmed that I would not be signing another lease, and explained that I would be (as directed by Krishna Singh, the Assistant Property Manager) applying the extra charges to my payment. I believed all was well until I got home this evening and found yet more humiliating documentation on my door. I would LOVE, just once, for Parke Laurel, Krishna, and Sherry to get their acts together and do their jobs properly.

Adding insult to injury...Parke Laurel requires 60 days written notice to vacate. The are frauds and a lousy excuse for management.

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