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Park Cities Dodge / Broke My car won't FIX!!!!

1 4801 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75219Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (214) 443-8900

They TRIED TO RIP ME OFF!!! I took it there for an oil change, simply job unscrew a couple bits screw together and fill. WRONG they manage to royally mess it up. They stripped the threads in the oil pan, for non tech savy people that means they need to replace the oil pan! This is because the bolt cannot be removed to tightened its just stuck leaking oil about a drop every 3 seconds.

When I took it back they should've repaired it for free. Instead they said we'll charge you cost of the part 440 but willing to work with you and charge you only 220 (half). Later I find they tried to scam me, as I went to Honda next door the Retail cost (for dealerships who have a tax ID they can get it at wholesale) its 76 dollars! Not 440! They played this game with me so i had to go down there multiple times eating into my work day.

It even gets worse this manager Dawna she is the manager of the service department. Has zero common sense, or sense of logic. They accused me of having an oversized plug in there. (i did have an aftermarket plug but it was not over sized) Claiming my oil pan was already stripped. How would they know? Her logic, because they called a honda dealership and they said that people typically use this part (sure drain by fram) for exactly that. So I had one of the Technicians from Fram headquarters try and talk to them. It took me literally and hour to get that guy from fram. And the manager, she doesn't want to talk to him! Because she knows what the facts are so there isn't a point. So i force her to hear him out I put him on speakerphone. At which point he states no maam it can NOT be used for the purpose you claim. She stands there nope nope nope nope like a child trying to ignore what he (the expert) is stating as fact!

Her logic was way off she asks dumb questions to the engineer instead of trying to better ### the situation by asking questions like have you seen the car? (to which he refused to answer such idiotic question) So she acts as though he had answered and starts blabbing about how he has no place to make the claims he is making. What a hypocrite, she her self wasn't there when my module was installed thus cannot make the same claim.

Owner Leo, this gentleman was probably the easiest to deal with. But he is also either a liar or just doesn't care about customer problems. He'll say one thing then another. Like he said his associates had not prior to my meeting him that day told him about what exactly the situation was. I went down there because the associate told me he talked to his boss and he said his boss would pay 0% of the repairs. How can he make a call like that had his employee not explained the situation. It was clear he knew what I was referencing when i first met him and I said I'm here about the honda civic.

Much Much more terrible things went on but the post is verbose as it is I want everyone to read this so this never happens again.

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      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    Let me get this right. you took your Honda to a Dodge dealer for an oil change. You dont say what year or how many miles are on this Honda, but you do mention that there is some kind of aftermarket oil plug installed. I had a similar thing happened on my Accord . but the aftermrket drain was installed by a Jiffy lube who did strip the threads on my oil pan and did not eeven tell me. I found out when I took my vehilcle to the Honda dealer for a servcie. they told me that this type of drain is a cheap way of "fixing" stripped oil pan drain plug. If you knew what kind of plug you had on your vehicle and knew that it was different than a normal plug why not tell them in the beginning. let them now that it's different from stock. I think I would tell them anything that may help the Dodge dealer change the oil on my Honda. I assume you were there for the great price. $14.95 is a smokin hot price. They have changed my oil several times and always been great, they even washed my car for free! as far as price, I don't know, but I do know I wouldn't expect the greatest price for my honda from a dodge dealer. I'm in buisness for my self and it doesn't take a genius to figure they would probably have to buy the part. I'm sure they dont stock Honda oil pans. I'm sure they mark up what they buy, you don't make money selling for what you pay for it.
    I guess what I'm getting at is there really isn't enough information to take a side in this, and I understand your frustration a bit.but it really is one sided.

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