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Please note we tried to resolve this issue with the management re: a damaged men's brown Bachrach sweater, as well as the re-cleaning of 3 additional sweaters that came back still dirty. The management claimed she had repaired the brown sweater and re-cleaned it, as well as the other 3 sweaters in question. We did not receive any satisfaction or resolution to the problems below: * The men's brown Bachrach sweater (original purchase price was $88.00) came back with pulls in the back of the sweater, as well as stitching throughout the sweater that had been stretched out and damaged--thus making the stitched together portions weak and "tattered" looking. The neck area of this sweater still had residue around it and did not appear to be cleaned. The sweater had a note attached that the pulls were due to the fact that we did not request that the sweater be placed in a "net bag" during dry cleaning. It seems to me that since they are the "professional" dry cleane
r that they should do this automatically.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Canton, MIWhy should the customer have to do this---or even know to ask for this???
* A white/black/gray Bachrach sweater and a BLACK sweater(same approx. original purchase price each) came back the 2nd time with a dirty collar and even hair attached---and the 2nd time the white/gray/black one came back with a glob of glue or some sort of plastic stuck to the sleeve. It cannot be safely removed.
This was our first visit to this cleaners since moving to Canton in November. We obviously will not be back as customers.
We were also treated rudely and accused of having brought in the sweater in this condition. Not true, as my husband treats his sweaters with kid gloves and stores each of them folded neatly in the dresser wrapped inside tissue paper. I tried to call the cleaners again after getting NO help in person when picking up the order for a 2nd time---the owner would not talk to me on the phone, even though he was there. He told the mgr. to tell me to come back to the store to talk face to face AGAIN!!! We had already been there twice trying to resolve the issue--the last time we were told by the mgr. that there was nothing at all wrong with the sweater--so "what were we complaining about?"

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  • Hs
      Mar 08, 2014

    Dear Sir,
    I have purchase a white colour ‘T’ shirt from your Jamshedpure branch (Sakchi) in the last year 2013 during month of August or septumber month .I got a pine hole on the right side at the lower of it and I had complain in your branch also. They are ignoring this problem and advice me to use it, if it will elaborate than we will see. Due to winter session came, I have not use this shirt further .Now again the summer session came I have started to use the shirt and I found that this pine hole is elaborated more .
    Please consider my case because I am a very old customer of your brand and this type of defect I had seen first time in your brand.
    My Address is Road -2, Holding No-15, West Layoput, sonari, Jamshedpure-831011
    HS Virdi

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