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ParcelForce / lost computer screen

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I bought a computer via ebay last year, the computer was sent via parcelforce in three parts, part one containing the computer arrived with the back of the case having been smashed in a few centimeters, fair enough the computer itself works, the keyboard and mouse arrived no problems with them, but to be honest i never tested them as i prefer my current mouse and keyboard.
The screen arrived from england to denmark, and then nothing happened, i waited 3 weeks but it just stayed there, then i contacted their email and got a reply stating that my email had been forwarded to the department handling lost goods, ok, waited a week more, recieved an email that stating yet again that my email had been forwarded to the correct department, after that i tried calling parcelforce directly, but kept getting unknown number msg's, i tried both my mobilephone and my landline.
after some time i got an email with a phonenumber i could try calling, i called them and lo and behold the number actually worked, the one who took my call sent me on a wild goose chase giving me a new number leading to yet another number leading to another number leading in the end to a number that didnt work. emailed the first guy complaining and he sent me email to a girl who finally seemed to want to help me
find my package again.

well, she wrote to their danish "agents" who in turn sent a letter to me asking to have me fill out a form and send it back in a prepaid envelope they supplied, form filled out and sent off. some time after that i tried contacting the girl again she said she hadnt heard anything yet, but would be sure to let me know when something came up.
well, i waited and i waited and nothing happened so i wrote to her again. She appoligied, and said that the package had been declared lost, and that she thought one of her collegues had contacted me and advice me on how to act from there, the guy never called, and she didnt write anything about what i could do. So i tried writing to her a few times but she never replied. well, i went back to the source and wrote directly to parcelfarce got a reply saying that i should have gotten the sender to ask for a refund at the altest 30 days after the parcel was sent, with the whole story of what happened, that was about 8 months after the parcel was sent, so a bit late for that, instead i copied of all emails etc and sent them of and recieved the exact same email respons again, tried it yet again and got the same email respons, got a hold of the seller to my knowledge he has wrote them a letter more then a week ago, but hasnt gotten a reply yet.

Can it really be true that if they "loose" your parcel and then run rings around you for a month they win your parcel? i mean what kindof ###ed up ### is that!

can anyone help me with this? if there is anything to do that is...

In advance, thanks.

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  • Ka
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    Sign a petition to prevent Parcel Force charging 'clearance fees' for items held at Customs:

    BBC Watchdog:

    Complain to the consumer council responsible for post:

  • Pa
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    Sent a 5kg parcel from the UK to Australia containing clothing we no longer needed on our holiday, took 3 months to arrive. When it did all we got was the empty box!! It cost 69 pounds to ship plus 50 pounds worth of gear in the parcel. Now I have paperwork to fill out and send off and I hate paper work!

  • Ja
      5th of Nov, 2012
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    Totally waste of time and money!!! Paid 180pounds for 4 days express delivery, and the item's not delivered after TWO MONTHS!!! Helpline IS NOT helping at all, the staff there can not provide any help, once you paid the money for their services then THAT'S IT!! No one cares about anything anymore!!!

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