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My husband signed up for the free trial of Paraslim, this would come with a charge of $1.50.
They shipped it, charged us $1.52, odd but ok.
So my husband canceled his trial acct on March 28th, the account had to be cancelled before the 5th of April to avoid the charge.
On April 5th we got charged $80.78, excuse me?
I called twice, spoke to two people who were not helpful and pretty much said screw you.
The first call swore I didn't cancel it, and 'canceled it for me' and would not transfer me to a supervisor.
Finally got the second call to transfer me to a supervisor.
He pulled up the acct, said I canceled it on the 10th of April (when he canceled it on the first call)
The supervisor was willing to refund me some if I sent them the sample bottle back. What?

The only reason I got anywhere is because we saved the email that said we canceled it.
Then, when he was willing to finally issue my refund, he only showed I was charged $79.98.
I was Charged $80.78. He did not see that, and only issued the $79.98.

It was hardwork to find the contact information on their site, when I would call it took
20 mins to even get a person. And email contact? I still have a pending 'support ticket' that's open.
Wow, this company is unreal. DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM PARASLIM!!!

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  • Ar
      16th of Apr, 2010

    hi i am from london, i just ordered my trial pack for £2.95 and got charged69.85, and have sent me three bottles, i really dont know wat to do, their website has a wrong cust care number and my e mails dint get a reply back, i dont know how to screw this para slim people,
    they charged me in dollors and converted in pounds, so their trial pack is so fishy,
    dont fall prey,
    and if any brainy people out there ...?

    kindly help me how to get refund-07756598563


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  • Ar
      16th of Apr, 2010

    true genuine and helpful

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  • Ch
      10th of Jun, 2010

    Paraslim is Nutrition Craze Group Antigua

    They own all:

    Owner is:

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  • Ki
      4th of Aug, 2010

    On 7/16/2010 at 5:00am i received two e-mails stating that i had just purchased AcaiOptimum for $1.19 and AdvancedColon for $1.49. I had not purchsed anything, so i checked my checking account because it showed my name and address. I did not see any activity on my checking account so i checked my husbands. sure enough there where two charges. on for ADVCOLCS.COM for $99.96 and another for ACOPTIMUMCS.COM for $99.96. i called the phone number listed on the e-mail and told them that i did not make these charges and that someone used my husbands check card to pay for it. they said that i had to send an e-mail to [protected] so i did this on the 16th at 5:22am and received a ticket no back. contacted my bank and they put my husbands card on hold until the investagation was completed. Our bank also held the payment as pending. on the 20th the charges where removed and we didn't think anything more about it.
    We went on our vacation the following week, and to our suprise when we returned and checked our mail their was a notice from the bank stating that we over drew our account on 7/26/10. i went on line to find out what the problem was and there the charges where again. Ten days after the first complaint went out and six days after they refunded our money they took it out of our account again. Now i am having to go through the whole process again.
    Word of advice, don't listen to the bank when they say it is all cleared up and they will reactivate your card, just get a new one.

    if you have any information on what i should do next please send me an e-mail: [protected]

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  • Mi
      4th of Aug, 2010

    Go on their website and start calling any phone # you can find. If they won't help you, ask for their boss. It's tedious, but it's worth it to get your money back.
    After you get this straight, I'd get a new bank account. (but only after you get the charges straight)

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