PaperTelevision LLC T/A MapifyPromapifypro

C Nov 26, 2017

Purchased MapifyPro from PaperTelevision LLC but it was not available for immediate download - Given I was working on a specific project with a deadline, I needed the software then and there which usually isn't an unrealistic expectation with 99.9% of other software vendors in the world providing immediate access to purchases (or at least the dozens of vendors I've dealt with in my day to day business operations) and also, given we're in the age of the internet!

Sent emails requesting the software ASAP as they had happily taken my money but not delivered the product and I was working to a deadline - Finally got a response which said "sorry we made you wait a whole hour" - Completely minimising my concerns and treating me like I was completely unfounded, unwarranted and unreasonable with my issues and concerns.

I responded by saying - I don't really want to deal with a company that has that sort of attitude with their customers, please refund my purchase. To which they replied - Fine, i'll look into a refund - "we don't want you as a customer either"!

Great! Or so I thought - It has been over 2 weeks and still no refund... I have written them 7 times asking for a status update on my refund and they have not responded once - they have completely ignored me - can't get a response out of them, and can't get my money back.

Avoid this company - if you're not happy with their service, they just say "we don't want you as a customer and then ignore you" - That's fine, I don't really want to have to deal with them ever again either, but you don't get to also keep my money and not provide feedback or support!

Just [censor] customer service and clearly [censor] moral ethics.

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