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I think I would feel less violated if I were mugged on the street. This webstite is a total scam. I was hesitant when I called&the people were easteren indian and didn't seem to understand english very well. I thought maybe this guy is just a phone guy. So I inquried about the writers. I was very clear in asking if my paper was going to be written by someone who spoke english as a first language. I was told yes&they were written by retired professors. This was a flat out lie. I received a paper that didn't contain one complete sentence. None of the sentences even made sense. This person who wrote the paper was very, very, very non english speaking. Past&present tense were all mixed up, every plural word was either wrong or in the wrong place. It sounded like a second grade writing ability of some seven year old kid from india that was just learning english. Nothing made any sense at all it was a rambling so, so, so bad that I could hardly read it. It was supposed to be a research paper, in apa format&it didn't have a single citation. Not one. Not even for show because there is no way in hell that this was anything but a nonsense incomprehensible opinion paper, written by anyone other that total idiot. I'm thinking he might even be stupid in his own language. The paper was supposed to be about trends in healthy nutrion transfering to beauty products. Ugh! Nto only was everything a jumble of words, but the writer wrote a bunch of weird crap like this "merit of vitamin properties bringing out the charm of a lady in the most beautiful way." What the hell is that? So not only do these people not speak English...they think I'm not going to notice that the paper is UNREADABLE because they are throwing in sex based comments? Its a reasearch paper!!! It is not fullllllllof choppy broken english comment with no factual basis. To top that, when I called&asked for my money back, are u ready?... the guy on the phone was a sexest pig. He talked over me the whole time, he yelled at me, he went on&on about how I need to learn how to ask for things? Like he was my dad&it was his money??? He gave me the run around...he yelled&talked over me like I had wronged him&scammed him out of money. He wouldn't let me finish a sentence like he was somehow the one with a right to say a word to me about annnnnyyyything. I'm shocked that someone is that rude. Honestly, I've never heard anything like it. This guy on the, "press 2 for customer service" claimed to be the highest level person there, &to have a masters. I'm almost certain that he was not, because if this guy even had a high school education&spoke english...he would have given me double my money back faster than I could say, thank u. This company is a scam. They stole my money just the same as if they had robbed me, they talked down to me&I was soooo irate&insulted, that I said I had to call back. I called a couple times&later left a message, even though their site says they have live chatting customer service&24/7 phones. NOT TRUE! What a surprise! They added insult to injury. They also sold or are using my number to call me from at least 3different places claiming to be other writing service, & just so happens that all of those other companies reps. are also eastern indian. They called me at 5am pretending to be these other companies. I almost forgot. They said they were in California when I asked specifically if they were in America¬ india. So that must be a lie too!!! They would have to be on the east coast or india or who knows because 5am is not a time to do business. I hope these people give me my $back without another word, or so help me, I will make sure this scam gets on the news, in papers, and ill even start a facebook page. These people are sick, sad liars&thiefs. They should be ashamed. If people read this&there are more of u out there, email me&we will band together&get our $.

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  • Ja
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Yes, Me too... I was in a hurry to finished an assignment given by the uni and since i haven't been able to write all the reports I checked the
    After I checked it, a guy with indian accent called me and push me to submit the order immediately.
    I hate when I'm forced to buy something which i'm still thinking if it is rite for me . After some conversation, he offered me a chance the i can give my money from ATM and forced me to do it.
    I said I can't and it is not a good time for me to do any transction. These guy are worse than robbers .

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