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Graduation work should be written by the student at the time when he ends his theoretical course on his discipline. The work is written under the guidance of a research fellow at the university or institute. For work on bachelor or specialist programs, the percentage of uniqueness is the same - 80%. For the master's program, the percentage of uniqueness is lowered, as is the amount of work. The work of the bachelor shows that the student is fully prepared for independent scientific activity outside the university or within its limits. After receiving a bachelor's degree, a student can continue his education in a magistracy, but here it is necessary to take into account at which faculty he studies, since not every specialty provides for postgraduate study. Graduated qualified work should be primarily research. As a source material, scientific works written by the student during training can be used. This course works on the topic, as well as pre-diploma practice. If the student needs to use as sources of materials of a general nature related to the activities of the enterprise about which thesis paper is being written, references to such sources are given in the list of literature on the last pages of the diploma. If materials are taken from the Internet, then references to them should be indicated. They will be viewed by a commission member in an electronic version.
When choosing the topic of work, first of all, the degree of its relevance for modern science should be taken into account. The topic should cover at least one problem in the selected area. The aim of the work is to solve this problem or suggest ways to solve such a problem. Each of these methods should be justified and proven with the help of theoretical or practical data. These data are placed in the practical chapter of the thesis. Final work on the part of the design should not be compared with course work. Many students make the main mistake when they make out the diploma exactly as the coursework they wrote earlier during their studies. For the design of the thesis paper there is a set of own rules. Most often it is given in the guidelines, which are approved by the law on education.
Among the basic requirements for graduating qualified work can be identified: thesis paper should be creative. It should clearly reflect the thoughts of the author and his opinion on certain issues. The thesis paper must necessarily have a practical part with the proof of the theory, which is proved by the student. All of the above facts should be reliable and, if necessary, refer to approved documents. References to sources are indicated in order to show that the author of the work provided only the original data in his study.


Nov 24, 2017
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