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Paper Mart / Bad customer service

1 5361 ALEXANDER STREETLos Angeles, CA, United States
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On September 26th, I made an order at for ribbon and tulle for my wedding. I carefully entered the billing address (me, at my apartment) and the shipping address (my fiance, at his office). Two days later, I received an email invoice which told me that they had already shipped my package - to MY name at my FIANCE's office. I scanned the invoice, but didn't notice the error at that time, by which time the package was already en route.

The day after the package should have arrived, I looked at the email again, to click on the link to track the package. It said it had been delivered and was returned Undeliverable As Addressed!! It was already on its way back to PaperMart! I looked at the email again and saw the error. I logged in to my papermart account and checked the shipping address I had on my account, and it was correct: my fiance at his office. They had switched the names around so that it was sent to ME at my Fiance's office, so of course the package was sent back, there's no person with my name at my fiance's office.

I sent them an email on their website - they have never responded to this email.

I called papermart and explained all this to a customer service rep on the phone, who insisted that this was not possible, there's no way they would have done that. She said that they would put a note in my order that when my package was returned, I would be issued a refund for the purchase price.

I called back and got a salesperson on the phone, and I explained what had happened, and I made the order again, which now had to be shipped at the more expensive expedited speed in order to arrive JUST in time for my wedding. I gave her the address over the phone and told her how important it was that it was shipped to MY FIANCE'S NAME ONLY, not my name, at the exact address I'd provided. I asked her if they could take back the shipment that was headed back to them due to their error, and apply my payment to this shipment instead - no, she said, I would have to pay all over again, and when the returned shipment got back to them, they'd refund me (this has not happened yet). When I told her I had no intention of paying for shipping again - let alone upgraded shipping - due to their error, she said a customer service representative would call me "tomorrow". "Tomorrow" was yesterday - no one called.

Now I've just received another email invoice, this morning (October 12th) and I see that even though they have put my Fiance's name c.o. (they wouldn't even put it c/o like you're supposed to - they don't allow slashes as characters!), addressed to his company, this time they put MY name ON TOP of his name! The shipping department at his company will 99% probably not accept it this way, either. And this proves, absolutely, that the first woman I spoke to was wrong - they DID switch it around so that it was shipped to my name, and they have just done it again despite my calling them on the phone and telling them they can't do that or the package won't be received!!!

I am going to call them for the THIRD time today, and see if I can get them to at least refund my original shipping cost, if not actually refund me the amount that my shipping had to be upgraded this time around to make sure that I got the package in time. It's the least they can do considering it's THEIR error, that they made twice despite my instructions.

If they refund me those costs that I had to pay due to their error, I will edit or amend my complaint to reflect that fact.

This whole experience of dealing with them has been unpleasant, a huge source of stress, and I still don't know if I'll get my ribbons and tulle in time for my wedding. These people claim to have been in business for generations of their family, yet they clearly cannot handle billing to one person and shipping the package to another person. Or, for that matter, simply shipping the package to the exact shipping address the customer provided!!


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