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Papa John's Pizza / awful place

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I am a college student and I work, I may not live in the best neighborhood for their delivery, but I do own my home and I tip my drivers. I order from Papa John's because they are the only restaurant that delivers in our neighborhood. I order from them at least twice a week.

I have been sent burnt pizza's every other time I order on night shift. I call to complain and I have been disrespected and yelled at by the night shift manager and told that I should not order from them if they mess up my food.

I spoke with a night shift manager Lindsey and she was nice, I was told I would receive a credit for the burnt pizza, the next day I called to order my pizza on credit, I was told they do not have them, instead they have coupons mailed to houses. Two weeks later, I still had not received my coupons, I called back and spoke to a night shift manager, I was told to call a manager Ross, the designer of the coupon system Monday morning.

I was also told that, 'You are not the only person to complain, it seems like one one ever gets their coupons, I am not sure why they take the complaint, and promise to mail them but never send the coupons.'

I called, he was very rude, I was not allowed to finish a sentence, I was told he is the General manager and that he will not take advice from his customers, I was given the long distance corp. number, I left a message for another manager and again it has been another two weeks and I have not gotten a response OR my coupons, yet they have kept my money.

I have placed them on the ban list and I refuse to order from them again. I was charged for burnt pizza's even after I was told that the night manager Tyrone would not charge my account. According to him, if my pizza's are burnt then every one else's are too so he doesn't know what to tell me other than they are not coming back to get them.

This company is running a crooked business toward their customers. One pizza will be good and the other will be burnt, either way they say the product is correct. This behavior can not be acceptable. If there are actions that can be taken, please let me know, if there are others who have the same problem, lets get a class action suit going. This is not a joke, I work hard for my money and if I buy food for the dumpster there is a big problem.

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      7th of Feb, 2009
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    I too have worked for Papa John's, not as a store manager but as a driver. I have seen and experienced quite a bit both from customers. From bogus complaints by customers to tampered-with pizzas (burnt/cold/uncut) for customers that don't tip drivers. None of it's right and I'm not defending it. I'm just stating what I've seen.

    Papa John's provides a service with pizza delivery. People expect quality pizza no matter what the cost and they should get it whether they pick it up from the store or have it delivered to their home. Period. If they're not happy with it or their order is wrong, the fault falls on Papa John's. If they open the box and see a burnt pizza that they won't eat, they shouldn't have to pay for it.

    To Donny:
    I'm sorry you've had such bad experiences with this company. I love them to death, from the pizzas I still order to the job they gave me. I don't suppose there's anything I could say get you back to Papa John's. If everything was, in fact, the fault of the store you don't have any reason not to call Pizza Hut next time. But, if you're craving PJ's late at night try this and see if you get better results:

    *When you call in to place your order, ask the people taking your call to put a note on the box saying "Guaranteed $5 Tip"
    --This gets drivers to fight over who takes that delivery. It will get out of the store quicker and they will make sure it's made correctly. No, this is not something you should have to do but I guarantee you'll see the results you should've seen before.

    To Mike:

    You're exactly the kind of manager he's complaining about. I am exceedingly grateful you no longer represent this company. If the managers at my local PJ's had your attitude, I'd go to Pizza Hut every time.

    As for the special requests: it is the customer's money and they're preferences.

    "Most people think that just because they are spending 20 bucks they can make rediculous demands and the employeesm are supposed to jump. " My response: Damn Straight!! It IS their money and if they make the request, any Papa John' employee (Manager's In Particular) should make sure it's correct. News Flash...IT'S YOUR JOB!
    Btw: it's spelled "ridiculous" & "employees."

    "I am sure that store is way too busy to worry about your nonsense, you are doing them a favor for not calling anymore." Another News Flash...It's their "nonsense" that gave each of us a job and still employees so many people.

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      7th of Mar, 2009
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    Papa John's SUCKS! Last Saturday night I got a charred pizza from them. When I called the manager he just defended their inability to cook on a damn conveyor belt oven. I told the manager that perhaps he needed to adjust the temperature of the oven! He still defended their way of doing things. They're crazy! They did remake the pizza which was edible but was close to being burnt again. And they gave a 2 liter Coke for my troubles. I drove 7 miles round trip to pick up both pizzas. Thanks anyway Papa John's but I'll stick with Pizza Hut the next time!

  • Ha
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I think about all pizza Restaurants Papa John's go for the best better pizza, and you get very very fresh product and I feel sorry for some customers for the bad services but some how some were someone it's going to be happy and that's what it's

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      11th of Apr, 2009
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    I am commenting here because of a Papa Johns in Lexington, Ky on Saron Drive. This problem started for me about a couple of months ago when two pizza were delivered with the bottom of the crusts a very dark brown (some black) and very tough and some burnt spots at various places on top like big holes. By the way I always tip the drivers. When I called to complain to the manager he said there is nothing he can do about the way the pizza is cooked because it is on a timer!??? But he sent out replacements and there you go..duplicates of the same burnt pizzas! LOL It was absolutely ridiculous...I literally threw them out because the crust was as shoe leather.

    Today my wife ordered 3 pizzas from the same papa johns with grandkids and family over. Another disasterous burnt crust shoe leather pizza deja vu. I didnt bother to call because as they say "shame on me" for being so dumb...and we tipped again.

    Something is going wrong with Papa Johns pizza because they never had these problems before...i have been ordering them for years without this "i cant control the cooking of the crust because its on a timer" problem. Oh well they will either correct the problem or go out of business soon because this is not a minor problem.

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      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    I worked as a papa johns driver for a year and a half.
    I have seen some real nasty ### done with the food to the point that ive refused to take the deliveries.
    Recently when min wage went they dropped the driver pay to less than five bucks an hour.
    And made a manditory one dollar a trip tip claim that you cant stop because the manager enters it in when you clock out .
    Now lets say I actually did get a buck tip a run that would be ok.
    But when you take 9 trips and only make four bucks in tips and on your check at the end of the week it says 50 in tips what ever and you get taxed for it and they dont have to pay you min wage because it looks like you are making more.
    my car was destroyed and i went into serious debt with two week checks for 40 plus hours that were less than 200 bucks..
    this corperation is evil.

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      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    they can control the timer its a matter of a dial on the side of the oven.
    they speed it up when the store gets busy so they make money faster.
    quality isnt the goal.
    its profit

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