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I went today jan9/17 to panera bread cafè 4405 rego park, ny 11374, and had such a bad service from the cashier "justin", and the manager "emilio lanus".
I bought potato soup,
2 sides of chicken, and also paid
For 2 slices of bread (An specific bread I asked the cashier to sell me)...
When I picked up the order they gave me other bread, I told them it was a mistake and the rude guy behind the counter replied that he didnt know which one I wanted, so I told him that if he didn't know he should ask the cashier, the one who did the order, he finally went but the cashier justin didn't approach us neither help, the packing guy went back and gave me any other bread with rudeness, the manager was looking all what was happening but he only responded when I asked for the manager.
I showed him the bread I wanted and for what I have paid for, but he said that he can not cut that bread and if he cut it he had to charge me for the whole bread!!!
I told him that his cashier was selling something that panera can't sell then, so I asked him to return the money to me.
Immidiatelly, a different guy behind the counter asked me which bread I paid for, I showed him and he told me that they can cut that bread (Like the other breads on the store) without any problem, so when the "called manager" emilio lanus heard him, he said then that he can cut it for me !!!.
I asked him why he denied that before, at this point he didn't have a face to respond !!!
I had such a bad experience today, I did pay for the products (Even the bread) , and I got such a bad service and treatment from the manager emilio lanus and cashier justin.
They showed the lack of respect and interest in their jobs.
I am not going to buy here again, very lazy people who doesn't even want to cut a bread, very dishonest because they wanted to charge me for items I didn't ask.

(Please see pics attached)

Panera Bread

Jan 09, 2017

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