Panera Bread / charged me for the wrong order

Greenville, SC, United States
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On 9-29-17 I visited the Panera bread Café#0654 in Greenville, SC. I was in the drive-thru and ordered 2 Green Passion Smoothies and an Asiago bagel with plain cream cheese. When I got to work, I was give the wrong bagel and cream cheese. What I received was a cinnamon crunch bagel and reduced fat honey walnut cream cheese. I called back up to the store location to voice my concern and could not get anyone on the phone. I kept my receipt and took a picture of the incorrect order. I finally attempted to call again and spoke with Joshua - a manager and told him my story. He said he would place my name in some book and replace the bagel and cream cheese on my next visit. Well, my next visit was on 10-2-17 and again I am in the drive thru and ordered my usual - Green Passion Smoothie and Asiago bagel with plain cream cheese. I get to the window and told the worker my name was in some book there and I spoke with Joshua. She got the manager and the discount was applied only to the bagel. She said I had to pay for the cream cheese. I tried to explain and offered to show my previous receipt and the photo of the incorrect order and she refused to look at it. She said Joshua only said a free bagel and that was it. I reluctantly paid and drove off as I was holding up the drive thru line and about to be late for work. I visit this location on my way to work often and have never had a problem such as this. I understand people make mistakes but the manager that AM never apologized nor did she offer me a free treat as stated on the top of your receipt. I vowed to never visit this location again. This is the only place I can enjoy the Green Passion Smoothies and the fresh bagels. I wanted to register this complaint and appreciate if I am contacted regarding this ASAP.

Oct 17, 2017

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