Panama City Health Club / Poor Customer Service

1 1598 Balboa Ave, Panama City, FL 32405, United States, Panama City Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1 850-914-2303

When I relocated to Panama City from Canada, finding a gym was a priority for me, I looked around and when I came across the Panama City Health Club I was impressed. It was more expensive compared to other gyms but their work out classes were included in the membership fee. After a few months I had to return to Canada and I contacted the gym manager Olga on November 2014, my email to her was undelivered and I reached out to the other manager Anthony.

I told him my situation (via email) and he advised that I had to submit a lease, I sent him a copy of my lease. When he did not respond I assumed everything was fine, unfortunately I was gravely mistaken. May 2015, my friend in USA received a call from Collections, they were looking for me because of my unpaid membership fees I had incurred. I immediately reached out to Anthony to get some clarification on the matter as well as determine how this could be rectified. When he did not respond after 2 days, I called the gym. Linda was kind enough to tell me that Anthony was no longer with the gym but asked that I forward my emails to her, which I did and she would address it with Olga.

May 15 2015, Linda provided some feedback. She was not sure if Olga had emailed or called me, Olga is yet to contact me. Linda advised that she and Olga had gone through Anthony’s email and had not seen the email I sent him with my lease, furthermore she states that the lease I had submitted in November did not fulfill their cancellation requirements because it was not signed but my question is how can she disqualify something Anthony “did not receive”?

I wish I had taken the time to read the reviews about this gym because signing up seems easy but when it comes to cancellations that’s when people have had a negative experience with them. I find their customer service skills appalling which is unfortunate because I really enjoyed their services while I was in Panama City Beach.

May 15, 2015

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