PanacheFraud and cheating

I was charged $180 for a practice session for my upcoming wedding. $80 for that day, and $100 for the day of the wedding two months away. I decided I did not like the work that was done, and that I did not want to return for my wedding day. I called to cancel my appointment and Caitlin (the owner) said she would not cancel or refund my money. I think she was offended that I did not like the quality of her work. Her behavior was very inappropriate in regards to her comments about other customers. She has an attitude of that she doesn't care and that there is not a lot of competition in town and that she gets her business by default, so does not have to worry about repeat customers. I will tell everyone possible to avoid her business. She will take your money and run. I hope the $100 you would not refund it was worth it.

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