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PamCorp / No refund received!

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In July of 2006, I ordered Reader's Digest magazine from a nice young man who came to the door stating he was in college & was selling magazine subscriptions & hoped to win a contest. I listened politely to his spiel & then haggled to sign up for 1 year instead of 3 years. After I wrote the check & signed, I saw there was a $10 'handling fee' which he stated he had told me about beforehand. The year subscription was inflated to begin with & now cost even more so I didn't want to do it anymore. He said it would look suspicious if he voided his record keeping & told me to just send in the receipt for a refund. The receipt said PAM Corp had to receive it w/i 3 days of the order so I mailed it out the next day. I knew I wouldn't get it right away so I waited & then forgot about it.

In Dec 06, I called the # on the receipt & talked to a CSR who said they received the cancellation but it had been processed as a subscription cancellation instead of a refund & offered to refund the $25. That explained why I never received the magazine either. I received what looked like a payroll check in the mail & deposited in my account. I then received a v/m msg from the same PAM corp rep asking me to call him, no reason stated. My bank charged a $5 deposit fee because the check wasn't paid. I called the CSR who stated they had recently had a problem w/fraudulent checks on their account & it had been frozen. He told me to wait a week & see if the check would be reversed. It wasn't & I called & told him I was charged $5 by my bank. A week later, I received a postal money order for $40. I deposited that & it was paid. I always spoke to the same CSR, why did it take so long to get a refund?

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  • Va
      2nd of Mar, 2007
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    My husband tried to get a motorcycle magazine with this same company. We actually paid by check and the guy at the door said we'd get it shortly around Christmas (we paid in October). Well, Christmas has come and gone and no magazine ever arrived. We misplaced the receipt and have no way of getting in touch with the company. Do you have a customer service number we could use? We'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Al
      9th of May, 2007
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    Feb 2007, a young woman came to our home in Phoenix. Stated how she was a single mother, and by selling magazines contributes to her going to college to help improve her life. As a long time single mother struggling raising two children my heart went out to her. Seeing how she wanted to improve herself and make a better life for her and her children I wanted to help support her cause instead of seeing her leech off the government systems. I order three magazines, paid with a check that totaled $94 - To this day, I have not received ONE magazine. The bad thing about it was my fiance' and I ordered the bridal magazine, and explained to her that we would get it even though there was nothing in it that wasn't a complete jack up the price ripoff (wedding=$$$). I don't understand how ppl can do this to others. Just a damn shame! After searching on the internet I found a bunch of complaints about PamCorp. I wish I googled it in Feb. I know have a sign on my front door that states No Soliciting - Keep on walking!

  • Be
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    I bought my daughter a magazine so she could take it on the plane with her because of her fear of flying and hopefully this would take her mind off of it. The guy who came to my door was very polite and had a good line. I usually don't buy anything from solicitors but I felt for the guy and I was looking for something for my daughter to read so I purchased the mag. It has been 4 months and I haven't seen a single copy for my daughter. I cant believe I bought this with the ten dollar handling fee. I guess thats what i get for trying to help somebody out. I wish I had a number to these scam artists if anyone has it let me know please. They had better damn well not come back to my front door.

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