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Palmer, Reifler & Associates / Collections agency charade

1 Orlando Florida Florida, United States Review updated:

The Palmer Reiffler Charade by... Carlos, a recipient of their demands and idle threats You've made one costly mistake, don't make another! If you are reading this it is because you have gotten a threatening letter demanding a civil payment, a "civil demand" on behalf of a retailer, with a Settlement Offer of $200 or more. You may have been accused, arrested, or convicted of shoplifting. Some of us have, some have not. Either way, you are reading the same bogus form letter from Palmer Reiffler and Associates, head offices in Orlando Florida. Palmer and Reifler are a couple sleazy bottom feeder lawyers who created a debt collections mill based on a questionably legal loophole. They threaten perceived shoplifters into paying for non-existent damages. They are James Palmer and Natt Reiffler, hereafter PRA. Their Associates are family members. Yes, their relatives are involved in their lucrative scam too. PRA is not Better Business Bureau accredited, nor is it accredited by any respected business reporting service such as ALP, Accredited Legal Professionals. PRA avoid business accreditation as it will expose their seedy methods and disgraceful ethics. Jim & Natt never investigate the merits of their retailer client's claim. They have neither the authority nor the intention to sue if the accused fails to pay, and do not initiate lawsuits to recover statutory damages. Indeed, this effort would be too costly and risky for them. I could find no evidence that PRA has ever sued anyone. Not a single one, ever. PRA is a paper tiger, smoke & mirrors, all bark and no bite, a facade, a charade. PRA are not in the legal business, they are in the collections business. Everyone knows how sleazy the collections business is, PRA are great examples, they are slime balls incarnate and good at it! Palmer, Reifler and Associates send out more than 1.2 million form letters every year. They follow up with more modified form letters and concurrent robocalls. More than 10% of the folks who receive these letters pay them without question. Conservatively, that's $30, 000, 000 a year. They're counting on your payment too! Running a con is not cheap. PRA utilize their demand letters to obtain quick payments from consumers, take what they can induce consumers to pay, split the proceeds with the merchants, and move on. Their demand letters are crafted to shame and frighten consumers into believing that failure to pay the amount demanded may result in criminal prosecution, subject them to a civil suit, and put them at risk of liability for significant additional damages that the merchant has no legal right to recover. Consumers, fearful and ignorant of the falsity of their threats, pay millions of dollars each year in the belief they have in satisfied these misleading and arguably unlawful demands. If you pay their demand your name goes on their other list. Retailers share this list to monitor, and harass you for the rest of your life. Using facial recognition and other technology you could be under national retailer's surveillance forever! The practice of collecting “civil shoplifting damages” has become so lucrative, in fact, that merchants such as Home Depot have instituted policies that are less about protecting their merchandise through “loss prevention, ” and more about detaining customers and prying personal information from them in order to set the stage for demanding hundreds of dollars in statutory damages – even when the merchandise at issue is worth less than $20 and/or there is little or no evidence of any attempt to shoplift. Retailers give PRA the names of everyone involved in anything closely resembling shoplifting. PRA send Demand Letters and make similar robocalls to those on the list. PRA claim they are collecting debts to cover the costs of shoplifting. Ridiculous. The cost of security and stock loss are already built into the price of retail products. It is absurd to think that retailers gamble on the recovery of civil rewards to manage their security budgets. In fact, retailers contract with PRA for a share of their ill gotten gains. Its free money for them, a cost free side business. Retailers get up to 30% of the money PRA collect. PRA and their clients have a big investment in keeping you worried. They have Sr. internet trolls working the internet to keep their con going. Their job is to rebut legitimate PRA discussion, escalate your fear. PRA is behind the educational theft classes required in many cases as part of probationary conditions. PRA manipulate the curriculum taught in their favor. PRA typically send 2 or 3 demand letters. None are signed by an attorney. The First Demand Letter is a single page generic threatening form letter with a Settlement Offer of $200 or more. The Second Demand Letter repeats the threats in the First Demand Letter; warns again that the retailer would be seeking a final judgment of damages, attorney’s fees and court costs. The 2nd letter demands a sum significantly higher, more than double the first. Third Demand Letter represents that a “balance remains” on a claim, which the average consumer might believe means that the amount is fixed, due and owing when, in fact, it is not. The Settlement Offer of this letter is lower than the amount in letter 2, usually $300. Again, none of the Demand Letters were reviewed or signed by an attorney. These are modified form letters meant only to intimidate. This site does not discuss shoplifting. It is legal concern that has no relevance here. PRA use that horrible experience to shame you into paying them. Don't make another costly mistake, don't pay PRA.

Jan 18, 2016
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  • Na
      2nd of Mar, 2016
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    The person complaining seems to be relying on old information. The Law Offices of Palmer, Reifler & Associates has and does file lawsuits against individuals who have committed acts of retail theft. Please see the website and take a look at some of the judgments obtained on behalf of retail clients. Of course because a person who engages in an act of retail theft is not considered a consumer in the eyes of the law for the item or items he or she steals even if he or she buys other items from the store. The person complaining failed to state his or her name but was based in Florida. The statute referred to in the firm's letters concerning retail theft matters in Florida is Florida Statutes Section 772.11 and requires that there be an injury or that the retailer be injured "in any fashion" as a result of the actions of the individual trying to take merchandise or property from it. There are several statutes that define various forms of theft in Florida that fall under the reach of Florida Statutes Section 772.11. For example, under Florida law, if a person takes possession of a store's merchandise with the intent to deprive the merchant of the benefit, use or full retail value, they have satisfied the definition of Retail Theft and violated Florida Statutes Section 812.015. This is commonly referred to as shoplifting. By doing this, it causes a legal injury to the property rights of the retailer. The legislature placed minimum damages of $200 to apply even if the merchandise was recovered. The statute actually allows for the greater of three times the actual damages or $200 and if a retailer wanted to take the time to prove up its actual damages, it would often be more than $66.67 and probably several times that (which multiplied by three would be over the statutory minimum contemplated of $200). Please think about all the legal damages that retailers suffer each time a person takes or even attempts to take some merchandise from the store: 1) there is the time involved by the loss prevention staff in investigating, detaining and documenting the improper activity and while they are doing that, they can't be doing more productive things that Asset Protection staff are asked to do such as keep up with inventory, protect the shopping public, keep the store safe from physical hazards, not to mention that while their eyes are on a person who has been caught shoplifting, they can't attend to others who could be getting away with dishonest activity at the same time; 2) there is the cost to restock and/or retag the item(s) and; 3) there are all the expenses associated with loss control devices such as cameras and tagging systems that could be amortized and divided by the number of stops in a year to get a per stop cost. Because it is difficult to ascertain the exact amount of damages, the legislature enacted this statute to place a minimum civil damages amount of $200 for any shoplifting incident. The statute in question also allows retailers to recover reasonable attorney's fees and costs.

  • Do
      6th of Jun, 2016
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    Palmer Reifler SCAM in a nut shell: DONT PAY PRA!

    PRA are sleazy bottom feeder lawyers who've created a business of extortion.
    Their practices are marginally legal. Their ethics are despicable.
    PRA are SO much bigger than just shoplifting. They have never sued a single person, they don't have to
    because dupes like us send them money! Their intimidating tactics work, they are rolling in your money. Yes, they can sue you, but they won't, they don't have to. This would publically reveal their scam!

    Using facial recognition they can sell your photo to all their retail customers making it much worse for you, and more profitable for them. You will be followed in retail stores for the rest of your life. This information will follow you into job interviews. Think before you make anther really dumb mistake.

    PRA calls & letters will eventually stop. Block them, get a new phone & forget about it. If you respond to any of their calls or letters you are confirming they have your correct phone number and address.
    They will turn up the heat.

    Retailers LOVE PRA, its free revenue for them. They provide PRA with names. PRA control the curriculum of DOC theft classes. They are exploiting your shame and victimizing you again!

    The reason this information is not all over the internet is because PRA trolls scour the internet &
    corrupt all the files they don't like. They threaten websites that publish our stories.
    PRA's golden goose is worth hundreds of millions. One person at a time we can suck the air out of
    this paper tiger.

    Be smart, don't make another stupid expensive mistake. DONT PAY PRA!

  • Do
      6th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Internet trolls working for PRA. DONT PAY PRA.
    PRA are sleazy bottom feeders. If you pay it will be worse for you! They sell photos to all retailers to follow you forever while shopping. What about job applications? Don't ever acknowledge their presence. Change your phone number & forget it.

    They fling legal red herrings while making idle threats.

  • Na
      6th of Jun, 2016
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    Law Offices of Palmer, Reifler & Associates do not sell photos of people that have been caught shoplifting or those who have admitted to misappropriating company assets from a retailer. The person making the comment is making a false statement. Retailers are trained to observe and react to suspicious behavior.

  • Do
      6th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Use your own judgment & common sense. Retailers give PRA names, PRA harass the people on the retailers list. The names have value.
    Why not sell the list to all their other retail clients? Simple answer DONT PAY PRA. The person advocating for PRA in this thread is a PRA troll.

    PRA invented "civil recovery", What did retailers do before these lovely people came along to save them from us? They always factored in "stock loss" only now thanks to PRA they try to shame us into their extortion.

    Sweet! PRA calling me out for making a false statement! Retailers make free money by giving PRA our names and taking a cut.

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