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1 FL, United States
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Phone: 954-803-7383

I met Peter Palmer in 2011. I heard his radio show on WZAB 880AM The Biz and was interested in what he had to say about real estate and tax deeds. He mentioned a 75% -25% split with Peter Palmer receiving the lower percentage By Peter Palmer going on your behalf to a tax deed auction and purchasing a property and then returning you a nice return on your Investment. It is presently March of 2012, Mr. Palmer has been very evasive, going on extended vacations, not answering messages and request for him to call back in a responsible fashion. I think he is not going to fulfill his obligation at this point in time. If Mr. Palmer in in your city or state pitching his ideas and strategies I would highly recommend you not do business with him. He has not been very good at conveying peace of mind and has not acted in a very responsible way at least in my regard. I can see from other complaints that he has a Mod-us operand i and I wish I would have read the complaints before I gave him my hard earned money $5000.00 US dollars

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