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So my mum bought some cigarettes and i had one that was in my pocket and broke so i decided to roll it in rizla. As i pulled the tobacco from the label at the end, tiny black stones fell out and on closer inspection the filter was made with them in. However only half of the filter had them. It was like the half of the filter with stones in them was hidden and they had put half a normal filter in the bunning end so it looked normal. Buy stones i mean very tiny shards of some black stone. The conclusion iv come to thats probably the most reasonable is that the company/person that made these have done it for weight purposes, so the ### seems like it has more tobbaco than it actually has. I have pictures but my camera is not the best. If anyone knows how i can complain let me know.

Pall Mall Cigarette

Sep 29, 2015

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  • Cr
      Nov 13, 2015

    Those might be carbon which might be in the filter for a cleaner cigarette. Black carbon is also used to filter water so maybe it has the same effect with the cigarettes. Just a guess. Good luck, I would rather find rocks in my filter instead of the bugs found in my tobacco. Not joking! Ewww right.

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  • Gi
      Aug 05, 2019

    I smoke regular. N frak the quit smoking fogz.. 😁, , some one like me had life experience that cigs help me deal with it.. Don't ask, don't comment.👍, , but mine has perfect dots, no streaks around the center like u said, n I will try to send Pic. I'm new here, so ya, try... 🙄

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  • 9b
      Aug 17, 2019

    I found the same, i think it's for cleaner smoking.

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