Palestine, TX YMCA / childcare

I took my two small children to the childcare around 6:15pm last night(6-7-18) and left them for about an hour. I was not finished working out but went to check on them because they are new to the childcare and I was worried they wouldn't be enjoying themselves. When I walked in the room they seemed happy but my youngest started whining a little so I quickly slipped back out to continue my workout. I waited at the door and was going to wait until he stopped crying until I heard the female employee inside the room say "that's the kind of [censored] that pisses me off, is when parent come check on there [censored] kids and make them cry". I was completely taken back after hearing the language she used and how she talked about me while my children were still inside! So instead of comforting my child while he is whining she is cussing towards me in front of my children when she thought I had left.i did walk in and confront her and asked her if she said what she said and her response was " yes! Because it's annoying that you parents make the kids cry". I did report her and 3 other males that were in the classroom with only my two kids. The lady in charge of the YMCA, Cindy Peirsol said she would handle it and that it is definitely not acceptable for her to be rude and use profanity in front of the kids especially in a "Christain Facility" is what she said. The next day she called my husband to inform him that the MINORS that were working in childcare wrote up statements that all said I was the one in the wrong and none of them cussed or did anything wrong and that my kids were provided for. So basically nothing happened to the girl that cussed about me in front of my children. I am utterly disgusted and disappointed at how this situation is being handled and really want those kids to pay for how they acted towards paying customers. It is not okay at all. My name is Jennifer Nichols and I can be reached at [protected]

Jun 08, 2018

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