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PAL / Rude and Dishonest Flight attendant

1 Philippines

Last time I took my wife to the PI we had such a good time only to be ruened by the PAL attendantson the way back to Canada. It starts off with my wife want to buy a karaoke machine that she see in the pal shopping catalog.She then bought one using cash.She pull out her wad of money from her purse, all $$100 dollar bills that we ordered from the bank here in Canada before we go on this trip.We do this so no problem with fake money and the bills are almost new. We remember the bill course the flight attendant was particular about the bill, one of the bill have a small tear on one of the corner and she want a different bill.That was very odd the bill is still new and no part of the bill is missing, why won't you accept it?
Its airline policy she explained. OK no problem give them a perfect bills. Three hours latter attendant shook the wife awake of on her sleep and said you have to replace this other bill that we got from you. The bill is so old torn and a fake just by the way it looks.You can tell its a fake at first glace.Are you serious? That bill did not come from us for sure and we are not going to replace it.She then tryed to scare use by saying " if you don't replace the bill we will call the airport police when we land and your going to be in trouble.I replied with "excuse me but we are going to Canada not the PI, your the one that is in trouble.We are Canadian citizens.The did not give us a moment of sleep they try to get the bill replaced all the way to Vancouver airport.Then they call security before we land report us as discrepant passengers with fake $100 bills.They checked the rest off our bills and all are good and send us home. Never again to fly PAL!

Aug 17, 2015

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