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1 United States

Beware of the company, and Global eMarketing ( and and as all of these websites are owned by Mr. Vincent Russo and Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen.

Mr. Vincent Russo goes by the name "Vince Russo".

Mr. Vincent Russo is a RESELLER for Global eMarketing -( that is owned by Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen.

1. We made a very large purchase (greater than $10, 000 USD) from Mr. Vincent Russo for the 21-day guaranteed paid upgrades package.
2. Prior to making the purchase, Mr. Vincent Russo was contacted to verify his company's capability and capacity to handle our order, as well as to confirm the guarantee on his website (recently altered/removed).
3. Mr. Vincent Russo confirmed that his company had the capacity to make 10, 000 USA sales per month. He also confirmed that he had multiple call centers located in the United States that would perform the sales.
4. Mr. Vincent Russo confirmed that he gathered leads for the programs he would sale for by advertising millions of banners across the Internet daily, that would then lead the prospect to a surveyed lead page where they would then answer basic questions.
5. After the first ten days had elapsed, Mr. Vincent Russo was not reachable via phone or email for several days. Finally, after several days of persistance, Mr. Vincent Russo responded via email to confirm that he was travelling and that he would call the following evening.
6. Mr. Vincent Russo called as promised. Mr. Vincent Russo claimed that the problems in getting our sales started where due to his call center manager being an alcoholic and that he ended up firing him and hiring a new call center manager. He guaranteed that the new manager would take good care of us and get the ball rolling. Further, It was asked specifically, If Mr. Vincent Russo was a RESELLER of Global eMarketing aka g-emarketing and/or worked closely with Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen. Mr. Vincent Russo confirmed that he was indeed a RESELLER of Global eMarketing and Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen. Mr. Vincent Russo also confirmed that he spoke to Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen on a daily basis. Mr. Vincent Russo also stated that Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen did have problems fulfilling current orders and that he was NOT USING Global eMarketing or Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen, but rather that HE HAD HIS OWN CALL CENTERS that Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen did not know anything about. It was also discussed that due to Mr. Vincent Russo's failure to communicate, that it could not be further relayed to my one of my customers in time to prevent chargeback. Mr. Vincent Russo agreed to refund one of our orders.
7. Mr. Vincent Russo promptly refunded one of our orders as agreed.
8. That was the last time we spoke to Mr. Vincent Russo.
9. Another week passed, nothing. Another few days passed .. now we are dangerously close to 30 days (Keep in mind the guarantee was for 21 days).
10. Given that we had not seen NOT ONE SINGLE SALE, we had no choice but to create a buyer dispute in Paypal.
11. We sent several emails to Mr. Vincent Russo encouraging him to contact us so that we can work matters out. Mr. Vincent Russo made ZERO attempt to contact us.
12. We even sent Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen an email requesting HIS assistance in resolving this matter, as it had as much to do with Mr. Vincent Russo,, as it did with him and Global eMarketing, since Mr. Vincent Russo was a RESELLER of Global eMarketing g-emarketing and that a partnership of some sort existed between Mr. Vincent Russo and Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen.
13. Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen did not respond to our request.
14. Our buyer complaint was resolved by Paypal. Paypal said they would NOT COVER INTANGIBLE/VIRTUAL ITEMS. Paypal took NO ACTION against Mr. Vincent Russo. Paypal told us they could not get involved and that we would have to seek help elsewhere.
15. We sent Mr. Vincent Russo one last letter demanding that he confirm the resolution of this problem within 48 hours or otherwise we would expose his fraudulent business practices to the Internet community and take appropriate legal action.
16. By posting the details of our transaction here, on, we are hoping to inform the Public of the danger of doing business with Mr. Vincent Russo and Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen.
17. Mr. Vincent Russo gladly took our funds and provided absolutely nothing.
18. It is believed that his intentions are fraudulent and we have also taken the first legal steps.


If Mr. Vincent Russo or Mr. Trond Erik Jacobsen take action to resolve this situation and refund our funds (which in return have to be refunded to our customers -- that's what makes this so bad -- we sold services in good faith that these companies would deliver), we will post the results - whether positive or negative.

The advertising services these companies themselves resell -- particularily visitor traffic, popunders, popups, banners, etc -- can be purchased DIRECTLY from -- they are a RESELLER of this GOOD COMPANY.


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