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Paddock Pools & Spas / Nightmarish beyond belief!

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I have run into a problem with the service and workmanship of Paddock Pools and Poco Verde Landscaping. Below are our listed concerns and expected remedies.

Main concerns:
1. Poor workmanship
2. Poor customer service
3. Broken promises
4. Mistrust due to the blatant lies from Paddock Pools and Poco Verde
5. Pain and suffering, and lost wages

Expected remedies:
1. Re-lay travertine tiles on a diagonal that are flush
2. Straighten and repair property line
3. Re-coat entire areas with cool decking (not spot coating)
4. All repairs and damages to paid by Paddock
5. Waive remaining balance of pool construction ($3000)
6. Compensation for lost wages and mental anguish

Below is a timetable of the problems we’ve dealt with regarding the workmanship. Permits were received in early June.

-June 15:
• Damage was sustained to the property line that separates my yard & my neighbor's from the bobcat used for excavation (which still hasn't been repaired)
• Made an extra payment of over $10,000 to keep process moving while my wife & I were out of town. Construction stopped for nearly 6 weeks. I had to call Paddock several times a week requesting the status of the pool construction. Every appointment that was made, no one showed up to do the work.
• Decking is poured surrounding the pool, and is then coated. The coating was very thin, & there were several areas where the coating was too thin and the concrete was visible.
• Flagstone was laid and looked like leftover scrap pieces. We told them we wanted longer pieces of flagstone that are closer in color and size with less grout lines.
• The El Mirage City Inspector strongly recommended the pool equipment be better secured. He said that as a consumer, I should tell them to fix it and they should have done a better job of installing it.

-Nov 10:
• My wife and I met with construction manager Andy Watzek and Jose, Poco Verde's superintendent at our home. They stated the flagstone we originally chose had to be in small pieces. I asked how come it has taken 5 months to tell us this, they had no response. Andy offered to replace the flagstone with another at an additional charge.
• The tile on our water feature is on a curve, which we were told by Andy that they couldn't be flush with each other due to the curve.
-Nov 11:
• Purchased new flagstone (at my own expense) and had it installed the week of November 15. When that was completed, a large blot of grout is now showing on the tile (which wasn't shown before)

-Nov 17:
• Spoke with construction manager Andy Watzek by phone. He stated he had been to my home looking at the pool equipment, which had recently been attempted to. My neighbor was at my home when Andy arrived claiming he could better secure the equipment without pouring additional concrete, the concrete below it cracked easily with one simple twist of the equipment. This is a prime example of poor workmanship.

-Nov 18:
• My wife and I spoke with a landscape professional and a former pool company superintendent. Both stated the tiles on the water feature can be flush with each other, and the way the tile is currently done is considered hazardous and dangerous with the hard corners being exposed. To repair this, the flagstone (which we just replaced) may need to be jack hammered (which would break them) and all the water tiles would need to be redone.

This is an extremely compressed version of our story and I would appreciate the opportunity to fax the full version of this letter to your company. We've had to have various areas of our pool re done, and yet it is still poorly constructed. This entire process has caused mental anguish for my wife and I and we want this on record. I intend on pushing this to the highest limit for an immediate impact.

John & Raquel LoGuercio
El Mirage, AZ


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